Are you starting with your WordPress website for blogging journey and confused about where to host your maiden domain?
Are you a freelancer who chooses a cheap hosting because client’s pocket doesn’t allow you to take a better one?
Are you wondering about the low engagement time on your website even after hosting your sites for a year or more?
Is slow loading time of your website blowing your mind off?

This happens quite often with the newbie bloggers and freelancers when you are not sure which hosting platform to choose. Once you start searching for a  hosting platform on SERP you get loaded with lots and lots of options which even confuses you more.

You might also be intimidated about taking your blogging journey a long way. So you easily fall in trap with the eye catchy ads of cheap web hosting.

This blog will help you to give clarity on the crucial elements you need to focus on before getting started with the blogging journey.

Based on the research of web credibility conducted at Stanford, 75% of the consumers make judgements regarding the credibility of a company based on the design of a website which simply means that the design of your website must be carefully planned just like the content of your website.

For the designing of websites on WordPress, you need to consider theme, font combination, color palette, and much more while creating and developing a professional-looking and trustworthy site.

To design a website on WordPress, it is more than aesthetics. It is all about promoting and cherishing trust from that moment when a visitor starts landing on the homepage.

  1. Compare Hosting Plans.
  2. Choose WordPress CMS.
  3.  Choose SCHEMA optimized theme.
  4.  Use the right font and set an accent color for their website.
  5. For designing websites on WordPress, speed optimization serves to be an important factor.
  6. A good logo makes sense as it helps in conveying values and ideas behind the brand.
  7. You must come up with sufficient knowledge for designing a website as a little knowledge serves to be a dangerous thing.
  8. Set to the point permalinks.
  9.  Make your site public.
  10. Website title and tagline should be in sync.
  11. Consider adding a blog to your website.
  12. You must optimize WordPress database.
  13. Focus on search engine optimization, i.e. SEO.
  14. You must create and update the blog on a regular basis.
  15. Get the right set of tools.
  16. Install essential plugins which supports your site.
  17. The site must include pages like “About”, “Services”, “Contact”.
  18. You should optimize the website to increase the speed of the page.

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This post is a comprehensive honest guide for choosing hosting for your WordPress Website and contains affiliate link of Bluehost. If you use these links for purchase we may earn a commission. Thank you.

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