WEBSITE REVIEW –  WIX is a software company from Israel that provides cloud-based web development services. The users, customers or clients of Wix are allowed to create HTML5 websites as well as mobile sites by using mobile sites and the drop tools. The software company along with the headquarters in its home country Israel, also has offices in countries like Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, The United States and Ukraine. This software company was founded in 2006 by developers from Israel, named Avisha Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan where in the year 2007 the company entered an open beta phase with the use of a Adobe Flash based platform.

2010 was the year when Wix had 3.5 million users and in series C raised US$10 million funding which was provided by Bessemer Venture Partners, Benchmark Capital and Mangrove Capital. By 2011, wix had a jump in its users from 3.5 million to 8.5 million.

Wix also allows its users to add plug-ins, e-commerce, online marketing, contact forms, e-mail marketing and community forums to the user websites using the Wix-developed third-party applications.  

Wix has gotten truly known in the course of the most recent couple of years, partially because of financial plan busting advertising efforts featuring stars like Heidi Klum, Jason Statham and Gal Gadot, otherwise called Wonder Woman. Be that as it may, how about we start with the rudiments. Today, Wix is the greatest part in the site building scene and hosts an astounding 160 million sites.Wix offers an incredible simplified webpage manufacturer to make little sites. There are 100s of free layouts accessible. Wix gives its own web facilitating just as space names (free and paid). The App Market makes it simple to add additional usefulness, for example, photography exhibitions or online business.

In a manner you can contrast Wix with a pre-assembled house: the crucial structure as of now exists and can’t be changed. You can, in any case, paint the dividers to your energy (pick a topic) and add the furniture you love (photography exhibitions and other applications.

This blog focuses on the following aspects of Wix:

  • This website review of Wix will tell you all the honest pros and cons.
  • This review will make it clear to you which website solution is going to be the best for your business. For some businesses it is really sensible and beneficial to go ahead with Wix whereas for some businesses it is not a good decision to go ahead with Wix, this may also result in a loss of lots of potential income and a lot of potential revenue or clients.
  • Here we will give you good examples telling which businesses should go ahead with Wix and which shouldn’t and how to build a proper website for a business owner.
  • This could be a really tricky choice to make where you want to invest the right amount of money and at the same time want to get the highest possible return on that money that you spend when you look at Wix. If you are seeing something that is very affordable, it is very cheap and trying to compare this with more expensive web platforms and may be they are struggling to see what the return on investment will be then you are going to check in this review.
  • This review will tell you the initial price  the overall  cost of the project including the time and money invested and then the end result that you know final product when it is online what should you expect to see.
  • When it is up there for potential clients from you know your potential income coming from the website all those things that come as a result of having the website.
  • The first category this review is going to focus on is the price just a straight up price of the project from the beginning how much it is going to cost so you are here in the Wix website the pricing this might change over time it is early 2021 right now, depending on your region the prices shown on Wix might slightly differ but seeing for the ecommerce solution it is approximately 100 dollars a year and also gives you different benefits.
  • It is always suggested to visit the website by yourself and check for the packages according to your requirement. Talking about the prices, no website development platform is reputable whose gonna come anywhere close to the pricing set by Wix.
  • If you have a startup business or a low revenue business and you want to get something simple online or something that you can do yourself, Wix can probably be your best choice if that’s all you care about is having a website for the cheapest price or the most affordable price.

The next category to check over is the cost, definitely different from price and it is going to take a little more time to understand and know it correctly. When it comes to business, you being a business owner must consider not just the pricing but also what is the cost of two different solutions. Talking about the cost, weight cost you need to look at not what the price is at the beginning but what the project is actually costing you and it could be potentially negatively costing your business in terms of clients, in terms of revenues and in terms of project.

Let us check the other aspects, firstly, the template section of. They provide a huge choice of designs for businesses, artists, restaurants, tourism, portfolios and much more. There is even a dedicated template for different kinds of businesses. Hence, you will indeed find a template for your project among their manifold subcategories. Even though it is not obvious, you can also add to any designs: an online store, forum or a blog. At Least for their basic version it will allow you to design and publish an entire website and you can access all the available features. The paid plans will give your website a professional touch as they allow you to use any specific domain. The entry plan Connect Domain still displays Wix ads. As long as you do not need any online store, you would be recommended with their combo plans that provides you with no ads and comes with a free domain. Although this benefit will be available only for the first year of your plan. If you ever exceed the rather generous bandwidth or the storage limits combo, you can always upgrade to their unlimited plan. But, in the meanwhile you can save extra cash or money every month. In order to sell  items or digital goods, you must pick at least their ecommerce plan. The VIP plan would be interesting if you are thinking of email campaigns already.

With more than 70 classifications Wix covers practically every sort of business and answers each entrepreneurs needs:

  • More than 500 expertly planned layouts , planned by industry.
  • There are one-pagers (presentation pages) to completely organized formats.
  • Wix formats are versatile cordial. Versatile variants can be changed by the editorial manager and components can be covered up and re-coordinated to upgrade the look and feel.
  • Notwithstanding its readymade layouts Wix offers a clear format that permits you to plan and construct your site without any preparation.
  • Most layout classes are free, while some particular formats require overhauled bundles.
  • Exchanging layouts isn’t possible during the altering cycle. Picking another layout powers the client to make changes and add content without any preparation. 

Delivered in June 2016, Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) includes web creation measures. In view of a couple of basic inquiries (business name and type, required highlights, logo and so on) it tailors remarkable plans and pertinent substance (YES, you heard right) that coordinates the business needs.

You can always present your team and your projects on your live company websites. If you are looking for any site builder it would not require any technical skills and you can easily update yourself. To edit something, you just have to click on the element. Also, Wix suggests you and gives you several options. For example, you can edit the text, change the typeface, or even resize it. In case you are ot happy with the look , you can also undo the changes just by clicking the undo option given above. The greatest thing about Wix is that you can easily add animations. You can add any animated transitions just by a simple click. For example, how about adding a gallery or simply a button, you can click on the ‘Add’ section and choose from their provided elements. Once you see their custom button you will realize that it is pretty handy because you do not have to recreate it every time from scratch or copy/paste it from another page. As mentioned earlier, you can also add an online store or any blog very easily. 

It is their integrated market that makes Wix even more versatile. Since not every website requires the same features, you can just add the elements that your website really needs. There are hundreds of interesting apps provided by Wix. For instance, we could integrate a live chat function in our website to provide personal support. Or, a booking feature that enables your website visitors to schedule a consultation with us. 

Although, wix websites are not meant for bigger projects. The navigation depth would be too limited since you can only have two levels. So, if you are planning on creating any huge project, you should reconsider your options. 

Let us talk about the mobile view of Wix. sometimes you might feel that the spacing provided in the mobile preview or also the font size is too big.

For many users being found on google is crucial, if you are an absolute beginner it is a good start to hoe through their SEO wizard. Do not get confused by the name though. SEO is not one of the things that can automatically be done by some software. Although the wizard can help you with your first steps. Wix allows you to edit the title, description and URL of every page, which is one of the greatest things provided by Wix. Once you are happy with your layout that you have selected, click on ‘preview’ and finally on ‘publish’, this will give you your live website now. 

In case you run through some issue or through some problem, the first place you need to visit is their help center. You will find a ton of information, but if you think you do not find your answer, click on the ‘no’ option provided below. The demerit to this is that the ‘no’ option is a little bit hidden and remains unnoticed at times, but after all it is the only way to write them an email.

Wix pros:

  1. No technical skills required-  all you need is a good eye for design for creating your website rather than having any technical skills. Editing can be done anytime without writing a single line of code.
  2. Low risk- as the basic version you get is free, you can play around as long as you want to. also , you can try features you are interested in.
  3. Versatile-  the Wix app can boost your website with additional features.
  4. Excellent templates- the templates provided by Wix are the most remarkable element with exceptional designs and pre-built layouts for different businesses.
  5. Flexibility- Wix is extremely flexible, unlike other websites Wix allows you to finish your work with ‘pixel perfect’ effects.
  6. Added animations- Wix give easier options to edit texts , fonts and add transitions to your website according to your choices.
  7. App market- there are several apps provided by Wix that you can add to your website such as newsletter tools, live chat software, online booking widgets etc. also Wix has some third party applications provided.
  8. Artificial Design Intelligence- Wix provides smart assistant or create your website. This feature is not provided by all websites for example, this smart assistant will automatically connect your social media to your website.

Wix cons:

  1. Only for small projects- wix is good enough only when needed to create a small website. If you create a complex website with hundreds of articles and pages instead, it is recommended to you to choose some other platform. 
  2. Lack of live support- generally, you will find the answers to your questions in the help center, but in case if you need live support, they make you wait. 
  3. Loading speed- the loading speed of wix is not found ideal, especially on the mobile devices, loading speed gets slow.
  4. Non-changeable templates- the templates chosen can not be easily changed. You can change the template design but you won’t be able to change the entire template.

Wix pricing in India

Wix is accessible for nothing however long you need. In the event that you need proficient highlights like your own space name or web based business, you should browse one of their superior plans going from “Combo” to “Business VIP”. The least expensive promotion free arrangement with a custom area name costs ₹125 every month.

  1. Free- you can create your own website but it will have wix ads and will also not include your own domain name.
  2. Connect domain– Rs.80, this plan is not available in all countries. With this plan you connect your domain and your website but this plan will still show ads.
  3. Combo- rs. 125, this will hide or we can say do not include wix ads to your website and has plenty of storage.
  4. Unlimited- Rs. 185, this is the perfect plan if you need a lot of space. This provides 10GB web space included with it.
  5. Business and eCommerce– Rs.225, in case you need to create an online store or use premium apps like this is the best plan you can opt for.

Wix provides you ease of use. The editor is simple and straightforward. In the event that you are trapped, the FAQ segment will help. Short early on recordings give guidelines on the various capacities. Complete tenderfoots will cherish Wix ADI: this new framework holds you by the hand while arranging your site. It’s somewhat less adaptable yet exceptionally advantageous. What’s ideal: you can change to the ordinary manufacturer at whatever point you like. Wix basically is  multilingual and its editor supports 16 languages. While it’s a pretty effective framework that is anything but difficult to utilize, we wouldn’t suggest it for bigger locales as it’s not ideal for SEO (you can’t utilize special URLs for every language).

You may have heard terrible things about Wix’s SEO capacities, which was still obvious a couple of years prior (additional about this here). Nonetheless, they have improved enormously, allowing you to alter page titles, meta depictions, and alt labels exclusively. There are even exceptional SEO instruments like 301 sidetracks. Shockingly, Wix changes picture record names into something secretive (for example 09ab7~mv2.jpg/), which is a minor inconvenience. Tenderfoots can utilize the SEO Wiz, a guided instructional exercise. For more data, check Wix’s SEO post-

Wix from the outset as their item hasn’t generally been anything but difficult to suggest. Back in the days it was Flash-based and consistently somewhat extraordinary (like your old cohort who had that strange intuition regarding garments). In any case, on account of their ceaseless enhancements they have been gradually climbing our positioning to now guarantee the top position.

Wix has the largest choice of prebuilt plans for any sort of industry. As it’s impractical to change to another topic after your underlying decision, it’s more hard to patch up your site’s plan (you’ll need to upgrade it physically or start without any preparation). On the positive side, this constraint encourages Wix’s most noteworthy strength: unrivaled adaptability inside your picked topic. What Wix has made here is positively noteworthy from numerous points of view with an advancement speed that is practically stunning. Simply ensure you evaluate the free arrangement prior to changing to a paid arrangement to see whether it’s the correct decision for you.

There are advantages and disadvantages while examining Wix as far as SEO. In 2016, a couple of basic fixes were made and Wix now covers all SEO capacities that most standard sites require. On top of essential functionalities like altering site page titles (text that shows up as a name in your program tab) and meta depictions (shows up on web index results-page) here are some further developed SEO abilities WIX :

  • You can (and should) interface your site to Google Search Console. 
  • Wix has a portable manager that allows you to improve similarity, influencing search positioning. 
  • Wix produces a site map .xml document which is utilized to help web indexes recognize key qualities. The record isn’t open and editable, yet turns out great for most sites. 
  • Web crawlers make sure about sites [with URLs start https]. Wix naturally gives a SSL authentication. This element is profoundly important for eCommerce locales. 
  • Altering alt text is discretionary from the Wix Editor. This content aids web crawlers ‘read’ the pictures and record the website for applicable Google pictures. 
  • You can customize URLs for your pages, yet Wix adds a short string to blog entry URLs. 
  • Sanctioned labels, permitting you advise the web indexes how to organize each page, on the off chance that where a page has copy content across various URLs. Be that as it may, this is an excessively progressed SEO highlight most clients won’t require.

Payment methods provided by Wix

Wix misses the mark with regards to the installment strategies it gives – Paypal and other electronic wallets are not upheld by the organization. Wix clients can acknowledge installments through Paypal as an installment technique in their Wix site. 

In the event that you need to be on any of Wix’s paid plans, you’ll need to have one of the famous charge cards it underpins. Wix offers Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and American Express as installment strategies.

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