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Siteground serves to be the great web host for websites of all sizes. It seems to be one of the most popular web hosting services that comes out of there and everything for a good reason. This web host offers various hosting plans and options that are suitable for a number of websites and businesses. Siteground can be used by small personal websites, business websites, and large ecommerce sites. Almost 2 million websites have their trust on the Siteground that serves them various hosting needs. For those individuals who are looking for the best hosting provider for their new website, for them it serves for them a definitely top option to consider. It also serves to be an ideal choice for everyone who just wants to switch their hosting providers. They also provide a great WordPress migrator plugin. It serves to be a free plugin that makes the transaction of WordPress sites on a daily basis. 

Benefits of using Siteground web hosting:- 

There are a number of benefits of using Siteground as a web hosting service. 

  • High uptimes:- When it comes to an individual to measure how best the web host is, high uptime serves to be the ultimate metric. High times refers to the amount of time required by a server for staying up and running. A recent study reveals that Siteground contains an exceptionally high uptime, which is equal to on an average over a twelve-month stretch.

In the year 2018, Siteground has acquired fourth rank in comparison to other web hosts on the basis of judgement based on average uptime. From the above figure, it can be clearly figured out that this web host barely beat out for the third position by just a one-thousandth percentage point. Overall, the mean time for the 32 web hosting services that are shared in the above list was around 99.59%. It was crucially higher than the average and acquired the position near the top of the list. This benefit also ensures that an individual’s site will nearly always be up and it almost runs around the clock.

  • Fast loading time:- Just because an individual’s site is up, it doesn’t always mean that it will work fast. Let’s have a look at the time of response for the test website of Siteground that was simply set up by different facts of hosting.

In the above mentioned point we have already talked about the ideal and best uptime but now an individual can refer to the best response time column. The mean response time for the above mentioned months such as April, May, June, July, August in the year 2020 has come out to be 653 ms. Meanwhile, if an individual wants to use a good web host, then they must also know the other top principles that simply boost the loading times of the available websites.

  • Great customer support:-  For that event, that makes an individual run into a problem or have a question or need some assistance or help, it is also great for them to know that this web host also provides great support to its customers. An individual can also have access to phone support along with a live chat that is available 24×7. If an individual has a GoGeek plan, then it also gives priority support to its customers. It simply means that whenever an individual needs any help, then they can get themselves connected with the most experienced siteground technicians.
  • Free features:- At an upcharge, almost each and every web hosting service will always try to hit an individual with the available add-ons. But, if we talk about siteground, it provides several great features at free of cost to its customers. An individual membership comes up along with one free site migration. This can be usually done with the available migrator plugin with them which we have discussed earlier in the above mentioned points. This web host plan also comes up with a free CDN along with a free SSL certificate. Cloudflare CDN provides images, videos and various other large files off of their server which results in the fast service and operations of the server. As the users of siteground serve throughout the world, the CDN assures that the files are simply stored closer and nearer to the visitors of various websites for quick and fast delivery. The SSL certificate is necessarily needed by each and every website. It is used for protecting private information to be transferred between devices and websites. Siteground that throws this seems to be a free nice touch since an individual needs to get one regardless to be required by them.
  • Flexible:- Almost each and every website can be hosted on Siteground. This web host serves to be a great hosting service for beginners as well as for experienced users. An individual need not to be too much tech savvy to know about how this platform works and get their site hosted by them. On the other hand, if an individual likes to be more hands-on with the server required by them and usually takes care and protects the certain features and simply takes advantage of them, this web host comes up with several plans in their mind. There are a number of options available on Siteground to facilitate different needs of web hosting like shared hosting, cloud hosting, etc. It contains a number of plans that are suitable for a wide range of mean traffic as well. So, as an individual’s website scales, they can also simply upgrade to a plan as per their needs or that meet their needs.
  • Money back guarantee:- This web host provides a 30-day money back guarantee feature for their hosting plans that are being shared among them. This reveals that this web host stands behind the services that are offered by them to its customers. Servers that keep themselves dedicated and plans for cloud hosting provide its customers a 14-day money back guarantee, which serves to be enough time to tell if the customers are happy and satisfied with the available services or not. If this web host fails to meet its 99.9% rate of uptime, then it will also refund. It is clearly mentioned in their terms of service.

This relates back to what we have discussed earlier in terms of this web host high uptime rates available. Behind this, there seems to be a reason why it’s so high and relevant that Siteground keeps a promise with others.

Other considerations:-

There seems no such thing that a perfect web hosting service provides or it contains. Meanwhile, the Siteground serves to be the best web host service or option. But there are also a few downsides that an individual should know before they proceed. 

  • Renewal rates:- At first site, pricing of siteground serves to be attractive and unique. But that serves to be only promotional rates. When an individual renew their subscription or plan, their rates will jump or simply be high as follows:- 
    • $11.95 to $34.95 per month
    • $5.95 to $19.95 per month
    • $3.95 to $11.95 per month

           If an individual simply compares the new renewal rates with earlier rates, then the cost almost gets tripled across the board. So, an individual must keep themselves locked in the available longest contract possible with their first sign up, which is available for 3 years, i.e. 36 months. This simply guarantees an individual a low rate to them for a while, that simply forces an individual to renew their plans.

  • Limited budget plan:- For those individuals who are searching for the best and cheap available web hosting service, the startup plan for this web host starts at $6.99 per month and definitely serves to be attention grabbing among its customers and users. It serves to be a great and ideal choice for those individuals that come up with several smaller websites. It is fairly limited for many users that plan on getting more than 10,000 visitors on a monthly basis. An individual just needs to upgrade faster than they anticipate if they themselves start with the lowest priced plans of web hosting. 

Comparing SiteGround Web Hosting Plans with Others:

Siteground provides three tiers for their hosting sites:- 

  • StartUp
  • GrowBig
  • GoGeek

Apart from the exception of cloud hosting, the cost of these three available plans will remain the same throughout the board that generally comes up for shared hosting, wordpress hosting and woocommerce hosting. 

  • StartUp:- As the name suggests, this web host startup plan serves to be real and ideal for new and smaller websites (less than 10,000 visits on a monthly basis). Its rate starts at $6.99 per month. An individual can host only one website using the StartUp plan, and it comes up with the 10 GB of free available web space. Other important features of the startup includes:-
    1. Free email accounts
    2. Free site builder
    3. Free CloudFlare CDN
    4. Free SSL and HTTPS

It serves to be a fundamental plan, but definitely serves to be useful and appropriate for the new websites designed that simply start from scratch. For those individuals who just want more and new attractive features and better performance, an individual needs to upgrade. An individual also needs to outgrow the startup plan as their traffic enhances which also serves to be a good thing. 

  •  GrowBig:- This tier plan starts at $9.99 on the monthly basis. This serves to be ideal and perfect for the medium-sized websites with an average of up to 25,000 visits on a monthly basis. It is available with 20 GB of free web space and can simply host an unlimited number of sites for its users. In contrast with the available startup plan, this tier has increased ability of caching. Siteground contains three levels:-
    • Level 1 — Caching of static content
    • Level 2 — Caching of dynamic data
    • Level 3 — Caching of  database queries

The above mentioned and discussed startup caches the memory and data only at the first level whereas GrowBig catches the data and memory at all the three levels. If an individual generally signs up for the available middle tier plan generated by Siteground, they will also simply receive free on-demand backups along with the staging feature for WordPress and Joomla sites. 

  • GoGeek:- GoGeek can facilitate up to 10,000 visits on a monthly basis and is available with 40 GB of free web space with them. Actually, this tier of plan is generally made for bigger websites that come up with high volumes of traffic and engagement. Price of GoGeek starts at $14.99 on the monthly basis along with all of the available bells and whistles. In comparison with the everything that is available in the GrowBig plan, GoGeek provides:-
    • Feature of white label hosting which is also known as reseller hosting.
    • Git pre-installed that are available for creating repositories on an individual’s site.
    • Advanced priority support to the expedited customer service along with the most experienced agents.

The name for this plan receives inspiration from the technology geeks. So, this plan is made for those individuals who simply want more control of their site. If an individual simply doesn’t understand some of the tech lingo that is being described in the GoGeek plan, then it is probably not for them. The only reason why an individual needs to upgrade themselves to GoGeek is that they will receive tons of monthly traffic on their site.

WordPress hosting:- 

Siteground provides a number of hosting options particularly designed for the users of WordPress. This will simply save an individual’s time since they won’t need to manually download the WordPress along with the installation and configuration of the WordPress. Using this web host, an individual can take benefit of the available automated process that seems quite simple just like clicking a button. This plan also serves easier for those individuals who just want to customize their WordPress site simply by choosing a particular theme, picking their site functionalities and installation of marketing tools. The WordPress starter kit that comes out from the site ground serves to be the great added feature for new and unique WordPress sites. For this, an individual doesn’t need any technical knowledge or experience for setting up this feature. If an individual seems to have an existing WordPress site, this web host provides a free transfer of WordPress. The Siteground migratory plugin is available to take care of each and everything for their users. It serves to be a safe and secure method to transfer an individual’s site. Alternatively, an individual can also get their WordPress site migrated by one of their experts available at the Siteground. It serves to be a paid feature but could also be worth the price if it’s generally on an individual’s budget. 

WooCommerce hosting:- 

Siteground also provides a number of hosting options for the ecommerce sites or shops using Woocommerce hosting. The quick installation and integration offered by Woocommerce hosting serves to be an easiest method for an individual to create a professional theme for their online or digital stores. An individual can also get the information and data of the site up and running in just a few minutes. An individual simply needs to migrate their Woocommerce site with the use of migrator plugin. Similar to WordPress hosting, migrations of Woocommerce are done by the experts of Siteground which is quite free for one website in an individual is on the plans of GrowBig or GoGeek. For this, an individual needs to pay $30 for each additional site. 

Cloud hosting:-

The cloud hosting serves to be a new method to host a number of different websites. This process simply utilizes multiple servers of remote and serves to be the best option for those individuals who generally have their own websites that have outgrown their shared plans of hosting. Using cloud hosting, siteground provides an individual guaranteed resources to meet their needs. An individual’s own RAM and CPU will not be shared with other available websites. It also seems quite easy for those individuals who simply want to scale their website using this type of web hosting service. An individual can also upgrade their RAM and CPU along with disk space that are on demand at any point of time. An individual just doesn’t need any approval from anyone or any other site to do this. It generally happens without any downtime of the websites. Instead of doing this manually, an individual can also set up automatic scaling using siteground. It will also help an individual in adjusting their CPU and RAM to meet the demands and needs of unexpected surges of the traffic but an individual can still have the control above all the parameters. 

There seems to be four plans for the available Siteground’s cloud hosting. As an individual can see from the above mentioned plans from the image, the available plans simply range from $80 to $240 on a monthly basis. So, there seems to be a number of options available for the user from which they can choose. 

This web host is basically known for its outstanding support provided to its customers. On top of that, it contains fast and rock solid servers along with various affordable plans with several features like free CDNs and SSL certificates. An individual cannot also find an alternative for this web host that beats them overall. If an individual seems quite interested in going along with the Siteground for their website, they should simply make sure that they click on the available links as no other individual has the capability of beating this web host’s discounts. On all plans, an individual can simply save up to 77%. 

Pros of Siteground:-

  • It serves to be an official recommended host by the WordPress.
  • It serves to be an award winning 24×7 support for its customers.
  • It serves to be an extremely fast server for the people.
  • Good Performance – 99.99% uptime in the last 2 years.
  • Above-Average Load Time (673ms).
  • Good Customer Support Experience (2017-2020).
  • Free Site Migration for 1 Website.
  • Free SSL Certificate and Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Beginner-to-Advanced Features Available.
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Cons of Siteground:-

  • Setting up the backups of this web host can be quite complicated for the people who are using it.
  • There is no free domain name available for its users.
  • Higher Renewal Rates.
  • Limited “Cheap” Plan.

This web host scores 5 out of 5 stars means it receives a 5 star rating across all their ratings among 2100 reviews given by the actual and original customers of it. This actually means that they receive top scores and ranking for the features such as support, quality, features, and values. For the past three years, Siteground refers to as the user reviewers’ #1 choice. This web host is basically known for its expertise in WordPress and friendly tech support for the beginners. This web host is privately owned. It was started in the year 2004. This web host promotes various types of hosting such as they provide shared, WordPress, cloud, and dedicated plans along with many other specialized plans. 

This platform of web hosts provides a very wide range of types of hosting and plans to facilitate the needs and desires of any website whether large or small. It stands up well in comparison with its competitors in terms of available characteristics and scores and ranking based on its performance. 

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