Deepak Kanakraju aka ‘Digital Deepak‘ is a digital marketing consultant and blogger who hails from Bangalore, India. He has published more than 500 articles in his blog, constituting top articles on digital marketing. In recent times, has now ranked as among the top ten digital marketing blogs in the country. With the time, it has also become a well known and famous brand. The best posts of him often get buried with time. Here are some of his top articles that he has written in his blog.

 The most read marketing articles include:- 

  • Automate your marketing with drip marketing campaigns:- By reading this article, people will get to know about what is drip marketing and how this drip marketing can automate the performance of the overall marketing and the process of sale required for any business.
  • How to become a self made digital marketing expert:- By reading this article, an individual can learn about how to become a self made expert of digital marketing by initiating and starting a website and just by the implementation of digital marketing personally or on their own.
  • Seven powerful ways to convert website traffic into leads:- Converting the available website traffic into leads serves to be one of the most vital activities nowadays in digital marketing. By reading this article an individual will get to know about the seven powerful ways to capture and convert their website traffic into leads.
  • How to build a great brand by driving brand engagement:- After reading this article, an individual will get to know that the rules of branding have actually changed. They can no longer build a great and authentic brand by only spending money on the advertisements. Rather than they will have to drive brand engagement to establish a brand. 

Some of the personal branding articles include:- 

Popular top articles include:-

Digital Deepak stepped in to the digital sphere as a biker boy. He indulged himself in the digital marketing industry since 2008, i.e, from.12 years he has been in this industry. He writes about digital marketing in his blog. He also serves to be a columnist at and YourStory. His first startup was an online publication of motorcycles called BikeAdvice. With the time, this online motorcycle publication became the no.1 blog throughout the country. It consists of  more than 1,00,000 followers and more than 1 million views on his page on the monthly basis. He made an exit from this online motorcycles publication known as BikeAdvice in the year 2012. After that, he started working as a digital marketing manager in various startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo and Razorpay. Apart from this, he also writes, speaks and consults on digital marketing. 

This all started as a personal blog where he used to write several notes on the topic digital marketing for his future reference. People can also check out his books that have been published and the workshops that he has conducted. He has also launched several free digital marketing courses to help people learn about the aspects of digital marketing. People should stay tuned and subscribe to his blog to learn the latest and updated things and stuff regarding digital marketing.

The long story:- 

Not every individual can plan accordingly about their future and drive their lives for which an individual wants to. An individual plans something for them but life seems to have something different or something else. Accidentally, he simply got into the field of digital marketing. It was not pre planned. However, he is happy for where he has now reached. There are some particular forces which channeled his energy and brought him there. 

He joined college in the year 2004. He actually knew that computer science and coding was not his cup of tea or not was for him. His dad has a small construction company in his hometown known as Salem. So, at that time he thought, he could join his father’s business if he didn’t get a job. So, he opted for civil engineering. He was also interested a little bit in the area of construction of the house because he usually visited his dad’s projects. He also really loved some particular subjects in his engineering like fluid mechanics and engineering mechanics. 

In the year 2007, he received a job offer for Rs.2.75 lakhs per annum which is equal to $4000 a year from a company known as Caritor. This company was later acquired by Keane followed by keanne which was later acquired by NTT data. At the time, there was a great demand in the IT sector that IT companies started hiring students from various fields of engineering such as Civil, Mechanical and even Chemical engineering disciplines. 

He graduated from the college in the year 2008, but the recession seems to be at its peak in the US which results in the delay of the joining dates for the years by 1-2 years. He finished college, but didn’t get a job at that time. To get his job or offer letter or joining, he had to wait almost a year. Also, his dad’s company was not big enough for home to engage himself full time in his dad’s company or firm. All the empty space and time that are available had to make something out of it.

At that time, he was a regular leader of Chip and Digit magazines. He came across an article in which there was written about how an individual can earn revenue from blogging and AdSense. From which he got inspiration. If he could earn some money, then it seems to be quite nice. For pocket money, he does not depend on his dad. His first try was opening a blog at followed by opening an account at AdSense to place blocks of ad on the blog. He made a dummy blog and simply put the codes of the ad in it (AdSense accounts were approved for everyone who applied at that time). Instantly, he learned that an individual needs a lot of traffic to earn revenue from the advertisements. And to earn a lot of traffic, one needs to have a quality content rather than quantity of content. He also learned that it is better to have own personal domain so that an individual can control and manage the brand. From that time only, he was very interested in motorcycles. He used to spend several hours reading magazines of motorcycles and watching several videos online. He observed that there were no websites at that time in the country that seemed to be quite dedicated to motorcycles and reviewed the models of Indian motorcycles. That seems to be the time when several ideas struck him. He was inspired by So, then he started That’s how his first business was born. 

If an individual wants to become the top 1% digital marketer and tries to get paid in gold but seems to struggle with jobs that will pay peanuts. An individual simply started his career with big dreams and aspirations but thought that he would learn only 6 figures easily. But then all of them got exhausted. An individual simply started to earn in pennies and struggle to meet their wants, needs and desires. For this, an individual needs not to be alone. Many individuals struggle like him and some even also think that digital marketing has lost its sparkle and glow. 

Digital marketing is way to stand out in the blue ocean

It has also become more critical for any business to grow and develop more than before. Business requires a dire need of digital marketers who tend to have the right skills. It also struggles to find the right people. For this, an individual might wonder if any business requires the right people, then why they didn’t hire any particular or needy individual. An individual might have all the required skills are he or she is also an SEO expert or a social media marketer or a Google Ads specialist or a Facebook Ads specialist and that’s only the problem.

Specialists are for big companies with huge marketing departments.

Startups, product companies, and small & medium businesses require different types of digital marketers. Digital marketers who seem to be quite specialists in a topic or more than a topic. But, those individuals who also know the different concepts of digital marketing. They don’t need that individual:-

  • who just only knows about the optimization of websites for search engines.
  • who can only run ad campaigns on various search+display networks.
  • who can only run ad campaigns on facebook or LinkedIn.
  • who can only make 5 posts in a day or shares quotes and links.

Instead they want someone:-

  • who can have the ability to optimize the website for several users and conversations.
  • who has the ability to run a 360 degree digital campaign that reaches the audience at all the touchpoints.
  • who can run an Awareness-Engagement-Conversion matrix campaign or evergreen Facebook ads campaign that seems to maximize their conversions and ROI.
  • who can write great and best posts on social media that receive more engagement, comments, or shares and use various social media platforms to reach out to their target customers or target audience to know their pains and problems.
  • who doesn’t seem to stop with setting up an emails campaign but also works on various deliverability of emails, inbox placement, receives more opens & clicks and so on.

Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle

It seems to be a bundle that helps an individual to learn the skills that will make an individual better prepared for every business that one is expecting from them. The bundle that seems to make an individual more valuable and irreplaceable. 

How to get DigitalDeepak course certificate

If an individual has completed their free digital marketing course from, then an individual is eligible to get a certificate for free for the completion of the course from DigitalDeepak. For this, an individual needs to sign up for a new account followed by clicking on the first lesson page to generate or produce their certificate.

For this an individual can:-

  • Download a PDF copy of their certificate.
  • Also, if an individual needs a change in the name, then they can also generate a new certificate for them.
  • After that, they must also add this certificate to their LinkedIn profile.
  • After adding, an individual must share this certificate on all their social media channels.

If an individual has signed up for any of the paid courses such as SEO Mastery, Facebook Ads Mastery or AdWords Mastery, then an individual will get separate certificates for all the paid courses. If an individual get issue in receiving their certificates, then they can also mail DigitalDeepak at

DigitalDeepak 100 day blogging course:-

This seems to be a new kind of program. On 7th June, 2017, DigitalDeepak launched a brand new project- that serves to be a blog or a topic that is something not related to digital marketing. For this, he start with the most basic things like 

  • choosing a topic, 
  • registering a domain name and so on.

For this program, activities of each and everyday will be uploaded as a lesson so that an individual can watch what DigitalDeepak does everyday. From this, an individual will learn blogging along with him on a daily basis. For this, a computer or a laptop along with a good connection is required by an individual. It also serves to be the best method to learn and know about digital marketing as an individual will get to learn it with live practice on a daily basis. By simply starting a niche of blog of their own, an individual will get to utilize it as a testing ground that is mainly applicable on the principles of digital marketing that an individual seems to learn daily. At the end of the program, an individual’s blog will also become a live case study that they can simply add to their profile and experience. 

Here is the rough idea of what he does everyday and how he designs the lessons:-

  • Choose a particular topic for the blog based on talent, passion and opportunity.
  • Analyzes the revenue opportunities for the recent developed projects.
  • Registers the name of the domain.
  • For the particular blog, getting the right web hosting.
  • Installation of the WordPress.
  • Configuration of the WordPress to suit their needs such as themes, plugins, etc.
  • Fundamentals of the SEO configuration.
  • Creating a presence on various social media platforms.
  • and many more….and that too for 100 days.

During the development and progress of the course, he adds various new lessons and topics, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of his students. It seems quite difficult for him to chart out the whole 100 day plan at that moment or at once, but by reading all the above points and overview of this 100 day program, an individual has developed his perception of what this program is all about. It serves to be a great chance and opportunity for an individual to watch him growing into a blog from a scratch.

What an individual will learn in Digital Deepak’s Internship Program?

As per the content of marketing that seems to be available on the internet about this DigitalDeepak internship, an individual will get to learn:- 

  • Content Writing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Registering a domain
  • Creating a blog
  • Keyword Research (Selecting a Niche)
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • And much more…..

Why should you do Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak?

As DigitalDeepak internship’s program serves to be unique and an individual must do it because:-

  • An individual will get paid for every task that they complete
  • Career & Placement Guidance
  • Networking opportunities
  • Certifications are of no use if an individual don’t have any of the practical knowledge
  • It serves to be a program that helps an individual to learn digital marketing practically
  • An individual can get guidance from Deepak Kanakaraju himself.

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