Top 51 Online Freelancing Websites

Freelancing simply means that an individual is self employed and he or she is not committed to an employer. An individual may see various names for freelancing such as remote work, work at home, telecommuting jobs, or flexible jobs or gigs. As a freelancer, an individual has the responsibility to find work and keep track of their income and filing their taxes. Freelancing websites refers to the blogs and websites that offer freelance advice. An individual might also be more personal on other’s freelance journey or more such as a magazine where they search articles of the notable and reputed freelancers along with a blog where there are a number of guest contributors providing up their best freelance tips for newbies. Below mentioned is the list of online freelancing websites.

Freelance India:- Freelance India serves to be one of the top freelancing websites for the beginners. This website provides genuine work in different categories and also allows several freelancers to create a Google mentioning of their work.

Upwork:- It serves to be one of the best and ideal freelance websites for both freshers as well as experienced individuals throughout the globe. It consists of an impressive client list that includes names such as Pinterest, Panasonic, Zendesk and Unilever.

Truelancer:- It comes among the top freelancing sites in India to search out for good paying jobs. This site characterizes projects in various fields such as Web Designing, Computer programming, Marketing, Logo Designing, Copywriting, etc.

99designs:- If an individual looks out for the top freelancing sites in India mainly for designing, then 99designs serves to be the best and perfect options for them. This website rents out some of the freelancing projects related with designing from designing websites and logos on the various t-shirts along with some other products. For startups that look for small business opportunities for them, this freelancing website serves to be the most rewarding websites in the country. This website is mainly designed to ensure that each and every freelancer can clearly and easily review all the bids and posts related to the work that are quite interesting for them.

Toptal:- Toptal is a portal or website designed mainly for qualified and experienced freelancers. This portal is extremely selective and important regarding the freelancers. On this website, an individual can also hustle high paid projects obtained from the well established clients like Airbnb, Emirates, JP Morgan, etc.

Envato studio:- It serves to be an established freelancing job website. It is mainly for trained and experienced professionals that look for both short term or long term projects in some particular fields like web designing, animation and video editing.

Guru:- Guru serves to be another online portal especially for seasoned freelancers. Here, an individual can easily get their hands on projects by just showcasing their past work experiences. On this freelancing website, an individual can work on the bid system along with escrow payment process.

WorknHire:- WorknHire appears to be one-of-its-kind freelancing websites in the country. It helps in bringing clients and contractors together under one roof. This freelancing website categorically serves to the needs of Indian clients. It also follows an escrow payment system like Guru.

Smashing magazine:- It serves to be a freelancing website that provides jobs mainly for designers, web designers, JavaScript developers, Java developers, Mobile app developers, etc. Using this website, an individual can easily find remote, full time, and part-time jobs.

10x management:- This freelancing website serves to be an agency that assists developers, designers and coders helping them in getting a job. When an individual registers on this website, they will get complete support from the representatives who answer their question and then give them a resolution. After completion of the project, an individual will get payment from the employers.

Dribbble:- It serves to be a hub for the people who are searching for a freelancing job. It appears to be a place where people can easily and effectively share their web designing work with employers. People also find the most relevant job opportunities for them here.

Coroflot:- It enables an individual to work like web designer, fashion designer, art director, creative director, and many more. It helps people to connect and collaborate with designers with numerous opportunities throughout the world. It also keeps people’s salary and their personal information confidential.

Angel list:- This freelancing website enables job seekers to work with the startups. An individual can visit this website to apply for a website along with the software development job. Here, an individual can search for a job based on location, technology, salary, etc. It serves to be a freelancing website especially for professional freelancers. This platform contains a selection process for both companies that look for freelancers as well as developers who want to apply for a job. It builds an enduring relationship between employers and employees.

Lorem:- Ask Lorem serves to be a place for freelancers. It helps people to easily search for the jobs of website development. It also offers a very simple and effective way to connect freelancers with the clients.

ProductionHUB:- This platform serves to be a network for those people who just want to work like a video editor. An individual can simply showcase their work on this website to connect with the clients.

Media Bistro:- It serves to be a freelancing platform for the job that provides a number of categories such as editing, writing, etc. If an individual contains a little bit of knowledge on how to manage social media or editing content, then they can easily work on this platform.

Mandy:- This website is completely dedicated to the work of TV and film production. On this website, people can easily find many relevant jobs like composers, casting assistants, editors, etc. Using this website, an individual doesn’t have to sort via inappropriate jobs.

Stage 32:- This platform is a US-based site especially for creative people who mainly works in television, film, and theatre. This platform helps people to start their career in video editing or post production editing.

Assemble:- This website appears to be a network of creatives for creatives, including directors, creative videographers, editors, motion artists, etc. It offers a seamless collaboration and communication facility for both employers and people who are looking for a freelancing job opportunity.

Behance:- Behance helps and assists an individual to work as a graphic designer for full time, either as a freelancer or an internship project. An individual may find a job in various fields such as architecture, branding, fashion, illustration, photography, and many more.

Zirtual:- This website helps an individual to find full time work very soon and easily. It also allows an individual to work remotely. On this website, an individual can find many categories such as email management, scheduling, researching, event planning, etc.

Clickworker:- This serves to be a platform mainly for marketers. An individual can sign up on this portal or website without paying any fees. It helps and enables people to work independently using a flexible work time.

Codeable:- This freelancing website helps people to search for jobs as a WordPress developer. Here, people can solve the issues and problems related with WordPress.

Gigster:- This website assists web developers along with the software developers to find their jobs. It contains a screening process that makes it quite easier for people to match freelancers with the projects. It helps people to focus on their core jobs.

Fiverr:- Fiverr serves to be a freelancing website that helps people to get their job as a freelancer. It provides jobs related to digital marketing, writing, translation, audio editing, video editing, etc. This website also offers a simple and easy way to build an impressive portfolio.

Servicescape:- Servicescape appears to be a freelance job website to work with startups and SMBs. It provides jobs to editors, translators, graphic designers, writers, etc. On this platform people can interact with their clients in a number of ways.

PeoplePerHour:- It is a known UK based platform that offers business access to those people who are quite interested in freelancing work. It also helps people to connect and collaborate with the clients. This freelancing website also allows people to showcase their talents.

Hubstaff talent:- This freelancing website enables people to work full time based on the hourly contact and fixed price. On this website an individual can find a job like a networking and infrastructure manager, helpdesk manager, receptionist, account executive, product marketing, etc.

CloudPeeps:- It is a web portal that focuses mainly on general freelancing work related with marketing, copywriting, social media, email marketing, etc. This freelancing website also helps people to work remotely.

Flexjobs:- Flexjobs serves to be a portal that helps people to search for freelance jobs, flexible schedule jobs, and many more. When an employer posts a new job, then this website gives an email alert. This website also contains an easy and quick profile making process.

Zeerk:- This website provides a number of categories such as website reviews, writing, posting article or blog, data entry, sales promotions, etc. This site also comprises a built-in transaction and conversation management system to offer a number of feedbacks to the employer.

User testing:- It serves to be a freelancing website to earn money by testing sites. An individual can access this site easily from their website or app. To earn from user testing, an individual needs a list of equipment such as PC, microphone, internet connection, etc.

User feel:- This freelancing website provides website testing jobs in more than one language. For those who just want to become a tester, they need to register themselves on this website followed by passing a qualification test.

Testbirds:- It appears to be a site that allows an individual to get a job related to the website or app test. This freelancing website allows an individual to choose to test during both daytime or at night.

Text Broker:- It appears to be a site to earn money by just writing a piece of content. It gives people access to a number of opportunities in the field of content writing for each and every topic. It also does not offer any earning limit to the people.

Writer Access:- This freelancing website appears to be a pool for
editors, writers, content strategists, translators, etc. An individual can get payment based on the research required and complexity of the project.

Freelance Writing Gigs:- This freelancing website is mainly a job board that is upgraded especially on the weekdays. This portal is created mainly for writing jobs, online content jobs, editing jobs, blogger jobs, publishing jobs, and many more.

All freelance writing:- All freelance writing serves to be a site that helps people to search for a freelancing writing job. Here, people can easily find jobs based on payment rates and dates.

Freelance writing:- Freelance writing appears to be a source for the freelancers for the job of writing. This site is available totally free to the people who are looking for a job as an instructional designer, technical writer, automotive writer, production editor, etc.

Pub Loft:- It serves to be a place to search freelance work for the clients. Here, people receive payment on a monthly basis. Before applying for the job on this website, an individual has to go through the vetting process.

Due:- This freelancing website is mainly for technical writers. Here people can do different types of work such as writing useful guides on payments, Blockchain currency, invoicing, etc. It helps people to get freelance jobs of their interest only.

Pro blogger:- This freelancing website helps people to search jobs to work from home, copywriting, blog writing, article writing, etc. Here, people can easily and effectively make a resume for themselves. They can also even bookmark the relevant jobs and save them also.

Blogging pro:- On this freelancing website, people can look for a job in writing blogs, content editing, technical writing, story writing and many more. This is a free freelancing website that helps people to make their career as a blogger.

Konker:- This freelancing website serves to be an online platform that focuses on the stuff related to the search engine optimization, i.e, SEO. An individual can apply here for creating backlinks, content, marketing using YouTube SEO, keyword research, site optimization and many more.

SEOclerk:- This freelancing website serves to be a marketplace particularly designed for various SEO services. It enables people to filter jobs on the criteria of price, level, etc. People can also receive emails for the similar jobs for which they have applied.

Fancy hands:- This freelancing website provides a job of virtual assistant. Here, people can get a job for Data entry, delivering a food, call center, generating a lead, schedule appointments and many more. If people have good internet search skills, then they can easily get hired by the fancy hands employer.

Simply hired:- Using this website, people can easily find jobs in their nearby location. It seems quite helpful to benchmark for a particular work that they want to do. Here, people can also create a resume.

Crowded:- This freelancing website is famous for its AI- powered recruitment process. It ranks its employees on the basis of price, skills and experience.

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