The New Era of Digital Freelancing

Freelancing means to be self-employed either on the hour basis or on the project basis. The freelancing platform serves to have many websites where an individual needs to make their IDs. After making an ID, then an individual seems to give some of the basic information about their skills that they generally know and also they have to upload their portfolio on the account. Portfolio basically means the screenshots of the projects along with its description that an individual has done before mainly for other prospective and potential customers. Then, an individual needs to bid for various projects that simply match their skills. An individual must also remember the success key points. They are as follows:-

  • They must be on time.
  • They have to necessarily work within the given time slot.
  • Lower their budget.
  • They must also try to take less time for the given available project.
  • They must also estimate their project time and then tell their prospective customers.
  • They must also need to be polite with their customers and give them response on time.
  • If an individual starts doing this, then they can easily do freelancing.
    Freelancing simply means that an individual is not bound to any one employer or a company. An individual can find both short term as well as long term jobs in freelancing.

    From a legal perspective along with a nutshell, freelancing simply means that an individual doesn’t seem to be an employee rather than doing a freelancing job simply means that an individual seems to be an independent contractor. A freelancer simply has clients instead of an employer or boss, and an individual quite not subjected to wage along with laws of hour, compensation of workers, and many different laws that rules an employer-employee relationship. It also means working on the basis of contracts for the number of companies rather than working as an employee for a single company. Freelancers are also sometimes considered to be self -employed and they also have the full authority or freedom to pick and choose their projects and companies that they are simply associated with or linked with. A very common and basic profession for freelancing serves to be writing. A writer then contains the ability to submit their work to various places without being connected to any one certain or particular company. It also have some advantages, like:-
    It seems quite easy to start.
    It is affordable.
    It is in high demand from a help point of view.
    It allows an individual to choose their own suitable schedule.

    Freelancing serves to be an online job, i.e., work from a home job that offers a number of opportunities for the employers and freelancers throughout the globe to collaborate and communicate for mutual benefits for them. Any individual or business who is in need of some skilled help and support both for the short term projects as well as for the long term projects can simply upload those projects and permit various freelancers to submit endeavors for the completion of their work. Basically for the employer or service buyer, the website offers instant access to over more than thousands of independent contractors along with specified and relevant skills. It does not require any needs and wants of placing the ads of the job along with work space, insurance, etc. For the freelancer and service provider, this website ( provides a constant support and source either for part-time or full-time opportunities for doing work without any trouble and expenses of self-promotion and advertising.

    How to activate an account on

    Though, each and everyone can have access to browse their projects on this site, posting projects and endeavoring are restrained to registered users. An individual must follow these steps to activate their account on

    They need to fill out a short registration form. On the signup page, an individual will be just asked to create an unique username that seems to identify an individual on the system. An individual will also need to provide their valid email address and confirm reading its terms and conditions. Apart from this, no extra personal information of an individual is requested.
    After this an individual needs to confirm their email address. When an individual needs to submit their registration form, a message that contains a link along with the confirmation code will be sent to an individual’s email address that they have provided. An individual must follow the instructions that seem to appear in the email to provide the confirmation code in such a way to activate their account.
    After that an individual needs to create a profile of them. It will take a couple of minutes to provide some additional information about themselves and about their business. This information and date will simply be stored on their profile page to offer other users with an overview and insights of an individual’s skills and needs. There is no need to share any personal and contact information.


    Projects are just uploaded by the employees that have registered themselves using descriptions of the work, requirements of the skills, and the range of budget. After that, the available freelancers browse or search for the projects that have been posted for those that match their skills along with the interests. After reading the full descriptions of the available and applicable projects with them, various freelancers can place endeavors and just post their samples of the work on their portfolio page for a number of employers to check them. Employers then go through the posted endeavors and work samples to demonstrate the most qualified and trained endeavors and simply award the projects either to one freelancer or more than one freelancer. envasiges employers to offer accurate and whole descriptions of the entire projects available while posting. It’s posting and endeavoring systems and methods seem to be designed in such a way that helps in maximizing their potential for satisfactory outcomes for both the service buyer as well as for the service provider. Other optional features can also be added to the posted project.

    Each and every individual that has become a registered user of is offered with a free digital account and that too for payments and the transfer of funds. The funds generated can be added as direct payments from various other users via projects and contests and using several other sources of payment like the user’s credit card, online accounts (PayPal or Skrill) or bank transfer.

    A registered freelancer might withdraw their funds from theri available account on through several withdrawal methods such as Express Withdrawal, Wire Withdrawal, or online account (PayPal or Skrill). An option of debit card is also available that offers users instant access and control to the funds generated in an individual’s accounts. Requests of withdrawal by an individual seems to be handled on the weekly basis. Minimal fees along with offset processing costs applied to some of the particular transfers are simply reduced when the transfer itself is initiated.

    Fees that seems to be payable to for various works such as for memberships, project acceptance, exams, etc. are also seems to be deduced from the account of users as applied by them.


    Employers can make their payments to service providers through transferring from their accounts to other service providers accounts. This can be easily done via Milestone Payments, invoices, or fund transfers.
    Funds can be deposited or transferred to an individual’s milestone payment system and these payments are meanwhile released when prearranged milestones along with an individual’s projects have reached a specific target. Employers are treated under no obligation to offer them their upfront payment and they may also consider this along with well trusted and well settled freelancers for the released payments as these payments can be returned only after getting the consent from.the freelancers.
    The projects that seems to be only for shorter term can also be paid through the MPS, i.e., (Milestone Payment System) to ensure a number of freelancers that the funds of them are available while permitting any employer to release their own personal funds only after the project seems to be completed to an individual’s level of satisfaction.
    Rating and feedback system of is only available for those projects whose parents are made via

    Feedback and ratings:-

    When an individual’s project is entirely completed via various payment methods made along with the system, the feedback and ratings system for that particular project seems to be activated then. This offers various opportunities for the employers along with the freelancers to rate each other’s performance and outcomes via various comments and responses and a simple process of 5-star rating scale. To assure fairness, members might also upload a response or comment to the comments of other party’s. Overall ratings and individual project ratings and feedback of a freelancer are simply shown on their page of the profile to give assistance to employers to assess to value of work along with that freelancers.

    With the time, the term “freelance” have gained so much popularity. Meanwhile, there seems not many people who can easily say what kind of freelance it is. Freelancer serves to be an individual who does not particularly belong to a company, firm or an organization, etc. but can freely contracts according to their work. In several occasions, like writers, photographers, designers, programmers, etc.,it sometimes particularly refers to only those individuals who works by themselves or independently and this can also be referred to those individuals who are working with their own personal talent.

    Typical occupation and work where freelancers are active:

    Since, there seems no definition in freelance, it serves to a freelancer at that particular moment when an individual who is not an employee of a particular company, firm, organization or a group that simply nominates themselves.

    Writers:- Writers are mostly requested from the field of journalism and media like publishers and newspaper publishers, etc. to write a number of articles on the assigned topics. But at that time writers might only propose projects to various companies, or organizations, etc. and writes only in some cases. A writer who generally summarizes the contents gathered, a writer of the book who generally listens to a particular story from the author or writer, who themselves write the manuscripts of the book on behalf of the entire author along with a copywriter who themselves write a promotional content to persuade the purchase of goods, services and products.
    Designers:- A number of designers assemble goods, services and products along with the ease of use, assemble explanations, illustrations, etc. so that an individual can be more efficiently conveyed by the viewers or presenters themselves. A web designer who simply designs a website followed by a building expert who specialized in the designing of the cover pages of a book and a fashion designer who designs clothes for the people and many more.
    Illustrator:- It serves to be a profession that creates various illustrations that gives a visual impression to a number of books, magazines, webs, etc. and illustrations to convey them in a very clear, informative and descriptive manner along with the explanations of the available sentences and phrases. There seems to be illustrators who simply takes their own responsibilities and exhibitions and release various collections of the work apart from the sentences and phrases along with the bindings of others.
    Editor:- The editor adjusts and adjournes the people along with the necessary data and information with creating a group of various contents like books, magazines, and Web sites, and manages the overall management of the progress till it is completed. There are couple of cases where various companies along with media like publishers, writers, etc. are independent and have several independent experience for them.
    Programmer:- A number of programmers are basically asked and questioned by the various companies and organizations and the several means and like to programs and control the hardware and software (applications) to run as it is required to be intended. SE(System engineer) who seems to be responsible for processing other than creating a program that includes listening from the client, designing the system, testing after completing the program, etc. There seems to be a dozen of jobs available for the freelancers and many of these jobs require just the relevant and knowledgeable skills that might be used upto the full extent during that particular work. It requires more for the work of freelancing that seems to be required in the field of digital marketing and gaining all the controls of that particular skill that is in need of knowledge related with digital marketing.

    Well, if we talk about freelancers the best and perfect word that suits them is “self employed” people. Freelancers generally refers to those individuals who offer the services via abilities of self working. These freelancers didn’t work under a particular supervisor or under a boss. If a person seems to be quite interested in doing a side business or part time business for them, then he or she might get indulge themselves into the field of freelancing. It can be done from any place, here the work place doesn’t matters at all. If an individual is efficient and effective in whatever field they seems to be opting, then they can earn really well for themselves. It seems not like that the freelancers cannot readily have the access to take a proper job from 9 to 5. In the freelancing profession, the direct relation is maintained and controlled among the client and the freelancer. No need of any third party seems to be required in the profession of freelancing. In recent times, each and every field has enabled the profession of freelancing. These are some of the most common fields of freelancing:-
    Graphics Designing
    Online Teaching, etc.
    Content Writing
    Web development

    Talking about the payment and income that the freelancers is receiving, it is still uncertain till the date. An individual cannot expect a fixed amount of salary from this profession. This can vary depending on the quality and quantity of work that they have done. However, if an individual wants to earn more then he or she has to maintain a good relation with the marketing in such a way that can be used to attract more and more works from them.

    Advantages of freelnacing:-

    Flexible working hours:- An individual who has indulged themselves in the field of freelancing has the access to set their own personal work timings as suitable by them. They also seems to be not bound to work within a scheduled or stipulated time frame. An individual can follow their own convenience.
    Choose your own clients:- An individual who has indulged themselves in the field of freelancing has the access to choose their own clients. An individual can simply choose those clients whose work seems not to be so over burdened and also they are paying a freelancer a stable and required amount.
    Choice and variety:- Here employees are rarely told for which clients they have to work for as a freelancer. They can also pick up their projects and assignments are themselves less confined to a particular sector or the market.
    More control:- An individual can set their own set of goals and objectives and will have more saying and thoughts in the direction of their business.

    Disadvantages of freelancing:-

    Overloads of work:- An individual might face a number of difficulties in work overload because if we talk about freelancing there seems to be no team works. An individual have to manage their overall things and responsibilities on their own. This might serve as a challenge for the freelancers as there seems no mentor for them above their head who will simply helps them and guides them by bringing the best in them.
    Taxations:- If an individual seems to dream about a freelancing career where seems to be no boss or supervisor above their head which they need to learn their number of flaws too. As the government asks each and every individual for the taxation of what they do, then an individual need to pay a fixed stipulated amount of money or tax as set by the government. In the case of a full time job, this seems not to be a case. There, an individual just only enjoy their full-time salary for their work what they simply do.
    Less stability:- As it depends on how to reach more and more clients, many freelancers tend to have less financial stability for them along with the less guarantee of their work in the future.
    Fewer benefits:- Many companies provide benefits especially for their employees like insurance plans, pension plans, etc. Freelancers those are self employed might be responsible for their own perks and benefits.

    According to the data released by Forbes, the best freelancing gigs are as follows:-
    Marketing:- People involved in marketing such as project managers, marketing coordinators, or marketing managers can make between $46 to $52 on an hourly basis.
    Business project management:- People who are involved in business project management such as project manager, process analyst are estimated to make $34 to $46 on an hourly basis.
    Web Development:- People who are involved in creating, testing, or providing support for software or apps can result in earnings of $36 to $43 on an hourly basis. If an individual simply wants to learn complete web development along with the full free course, then they can start with Programming Hero.
    Writing:- People who are involved in blogging, copy editing, and content managing can make $25 to $30 in one hour, which makes freelance writing a very lucrative and earning option for wordsmiths.
    Accounting:- People who are involved in accounting seems to be estimated that freelance accountants can earn between $16 to $30 in one hour.
    Insurance Inspection:- People who are involved in insurance inspection can simply collects information, such as photographs, and writing insurance reports can earn approximately $28pin one hour.
    Teaching/Tutoring – People who are involved in teaching or tutoring such as teaching online classes or being a tutor can bring in $20 to $28 in one hour.
    Social Media – People who are involved in social media which means being a community manager or social media coordinators can result in or earn upto $20 to $25 in one hour.
    Graphic Design – People who are involved in website and application designers are able to make more than $21 in one hour.
    Administrative Assistant – People who are involved in professional assistants can earn between $17 to $20 in one hour.

    In simple and easy words, freelancing defines a profession where an individual has the full right and control and they are free to choose their own job, depending on their skills, likes and interests. They can also choose the required work or projects on which they want to work on. Some more added benefits of freelancing are:-
    No commute
    Increased creativity
    Manage your workload
    Work for multiple employers.
    Choose your own work and many more.

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