Step-by-Step Guide to Design Logo in Canva

Canva is a free tool that allows people to create images & photos and various types of graphics designing. It is one of the best tools designed for the beginners who have zero knowledge in graphics designing and for those who also want to learn by their own creative ways. It is a free policy software used to make a bunch of different things such as banners, flyers, icons and much more. It is an amazing powerful designed tool made for non-designers. Here are the steps for designing logos and graphics in Canva:-

  • Create an account on Canva:- For designing a logo in Canva, the first step is to create an account at using Facebook, email, LinkedIn, etc. or other social media accounts. If you don’t want to create an account using any of your social media accounts, just sign up using your Gmail Id and after receiving the verification mail, click on it for further instructions. Once the account has been created, you will be able to see the header create a design with several options such as social media, presentation, poster, Facebook post, blog graphic, A4, card, email header followed by “more”.
  • Establishment of branding colors:- Once the professional canva account has been created, then it’s time to work on branding colors. It has the capability of understanding companies fonts and colors. For example a company ABC has three main colors such as light pink, grey and white. Then it will work well if we use only these three colors while designing a logo.
  • After selecting colors for designing a logo, then it’s time to select the fonts for the logo. Canva gives us three main font faces to use for the logo designing. 
  • After the selection process is complete, then it’s time to start designing your logo. For this you have to choose a template for your graphics or logos as Canva has templates for every occasion, select the templates according to your requirement. There are basically three types of logos:-
  1. Font logo:- Here, the logo is completely based on text.
  2. Symbolic logo:– Here, the logo is completely based on an image. For example, Nike, Apple, etc.
  3. Combination logo:- Means the logo comprises both the image and text.
  • Once you select the template, then you’ll transfer to the screen that contains a number of layouts, elements and several options. After this, you can add your own photos by just clicking on the UPLOADS.
  • By clicking on the ELEMENTS tab, you can add grids, charts, icons, etc.
  • Canva also provides its users stock images and illustrations that are available for $1 in the Search tab or bar when you can search for a specific term like ‘rocket science’.
  • After using several layouts and elements, it’s time to add your own text such as brand name and set the background color with the desired color you want.
  • After the above all steps mentioned, then it’s time to save your final designed logo and download it either in JPG file format or PNG file format. Save the logo by just clicking on the file menu and then “SAVE” option. After this you can be able to share your file with friends on various social media sites.

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