What Is The Right Time To Start Career In Digital Marketing In 2021?

What Is The Start Career In Digital Marketing

Are you still juggling with the thought of how and when to start career in digital marketing when we are travelling in super-tech era. As we all know that there is nothing like a perfect time. Whenever you conceive an idea, research about it, plan it and simply start it because it is necessary to drive the car if you really want to experience an amazing journey and reach the ultimate destination. So don’t be hesitant in taking action when it comes to starting our career drive. Just trust your plan, believe in yourself and experience the incredible tour.


If building career in online platform is in your mind then you have scrolled to the right blog. In this article I will present a holistic picture of starting your career in digital marketing in present scenario. In this article we will pin point our focus on following key elements:

  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Is Marketing an Art or Science?
  • Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing
  • CATT Marketing Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Establish Personal Brand And Start Career In Digital Marketing

Let me first simplify the complicated term ‘digital marketing’ because it is more about marketing than being digital. Digital is merely a medium through which marketing is carried out. Now the second thought that immediately comes in your mind must be what marketing is so let me give you a clear picture of marketing fundamentals.

Marketing Fundamentals

We are bombarded with sales calls, sponsored promotions and advertisements every now and then which are definitely a part of marketing but 360 degree marketing on a whole involves numerous elements. The term marketing can be defined as the planned procedure for creating value for customers by delivering various products or services fulfilling the need of customers at a certain profit.

A good marketer always focuses on building trust with its customers because ‘Marketing’ is a game of perceptions where product is rooted in reality. We should develop fine quality product or service so that our marketing efforts leads to product purchase which further leads to turning a product into a brand. The loyal customers are the best brand ambassador for any company.

Product Becomes Brand
Transformation Cycle of a Product to a Brand

Marketing is a very powerful channel to establish a strong brand. Many a time people focus on launching an average quality product and market it as a gem before the customers. In this case, people might get trapped once in order to buy that product but that’s the end of story as no one will buy it next time and all time and money spent in marketing it will go in vain. Marketing will not help a bad product to rise but will complement a great product to prosper by giving people valuable experience.

Is Marketing an Art or Science?

This is an age old discussion whether marketing is an art or science. Well, marketing starts with knowing the customer and their needs that leads to a product creation fitting the customer needs well. We start marketing before the product comes before us so this where science comes in play.

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, movies, hoarding, etc. are the medium for implementing traditional marketing while digital marketing employs blogs, websites or social media platforms. Both the medium of marketing are effective depending upon the customers need. In marketing it is rightly said to reach the right audience at the right time leads to buying of a product or service.

Focus on Target Audience Based on Facts:

  • India comprises nearly 560 million internet users which makes the country second largest online market in global platform. We can say that almost half the population of the country is connected online. (SOURCE:  Statista)
  • Newspaper has a reach of 465 million people. (SOURCE: Business Standard)
  • In India, 197 million homes out of 298 million homes have television. Taking an average of 4-5 members per households, the total reach accounts to 800 million to 1 billion. This figure of traditional media alone is more than digital reach. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
  • Radio has a reach of 65%  of the Indian population. (SOURCE: Financial Express)

Keeping the considerable amount of facts and figures the company should choose the right platform to market their product or service to reach right target group on right time. While designing marketing communication, the ultimate goal for marketing the products or services of the company is that the customers should take action once they come across the channels of marketing.

CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT Marketing Funnel is a crucial digital marketing funnel introduced by my Digital Mentor, Mr. Deepak Kanakraju, aka Digital Deepak.

C=Content:- Create useful content that attracts people from your niche. Blog posts, videos, lead magnets, live webinars, etc.

A=Attention:- Drive attention (or traffic) to your content using SEO, social media, paid ads and referrals.

T=Trust:- Build trust with your audience with trip wires, marketing automation and retargeting.

T=Transaction:- Convert your leads into customers with natural sales method.

A marketing funnel is spread across all the channels of digital communication. People first get to know about your brand, then they interact with your brand, then they subscribe to hear from you, then they trust you and then they buy from you.

In the above diagram, ‘n’ stands for ‘niche’ and the magical formula of wealth creation is stated well. Our success and wealth depends on the niche we choose so we must select our niche very carefully.

When speaking about building a brand in digital marketing domain we need to know first that ‘digital marketing’ it is a huge niche and there is lot of existing competitors in this niche. Choosing the right niche is a crucial factor to achieve success in digital marketing domain. We need a browse and select a micro niche in digital marketing and first sharpen our skills on that particular thing. Market research should be done foremost and based upon one’s talent and passion we should select a niche.

If you want to succeed in going long run then you must first clarify your mind and select which niche matches your personality, only then you can be successful. Many a time people try to work on two or more than two niche at a time as they feel they are good in many thing but I differ in this point and would suggest to focus on one niche first. Once you have made a mark in one niche then only explore other areas.
Integrated Digital Marketing
Engaging customers/readers through various possible forms of digital marketing tools is aggressively done by many players venturing in digital marketing globe. The prime focus of the digital marketers should be to provide value to people. Few marketers focus on paid advertising as a shortcut to achieve success in less time. Some focus only on SEO to gain sales but get no result; some people start email marketing to grab attention but nothing happens; likewise other people focus on varied components like social media, content marketing for engaging customers and selling products or services but the result disappoints them. Well, we need to change our approach for getting positive result by following Integrated Digital Marketing Framework.
Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

The integrated digital marketing framework involves various channels of digital marketing. The diagram given above enumerates the framework well. You can start with paid advertising to draw people’s attention to your free content. Keeping in mind the fact that ‘Content is King’ we should design our content clear, concise and compact. Once you are done with content and paid advertising you can generates leads through email marketing, SEO and social media platforms. You should develop a system to integrate these important elements together in order to hit the bull’s eye.

Establish Personal Brand And Start Career In Digital Marketing

Let us focus on building a strong brand that is YOU because we all are unique. We all are good at something or other but what we need to focus is being the best version of ourselves.  More often people want to hear from people, not from brands. In digital space, face value is more precious than random people promoting a brand. We should take note of the path what today’s digital gurus (For example, Neil PatelJeff Bullas , Digital Deepak, etc.) are setting benchmark.

Evolution of Personal Brand Through MassTrust Blueprint
The evolution of a simple human to a well-known brand requires several strategic process. Let us discuss that in detail:
LEARN: Keep learning a new skill through concepts, facts and procedures and understand the concepts with utmost clarity.
WORK: Leverage your skill sets and implement it in day to day work to see the result.
BLOG: Blogging about your subject expertise and expressing it in fine simple words makes your blog outstanding. Consistently practicing this method will help you to build your personal brand.
CONSULT: Once you become an established brand name utilize your skills, knowledge and experience gained over a period of time to help others grow. Through consulting business you can reap what you have sown through your hard work.
MENTOR: Start mentoring others who are aspired by your brand image.
STARTUP: Now is the time to start rolling your a full fledged startup plan.

The MassTrust Blueprint process is an ongoing cycle which keeps rounding up to develop trust within the people. Keep practicing to reach the level of perfectionism.
If you have reached till the end of this blog then let me tell you that you can be the NEXT BIG BRAND in digital marketing domain. Human minds tend to remember either the best or the first in a particular niche. Integrate these digital marketing basics for getting started and implement it day in and day out. Invest time, effort and money in yourself to build yourself an unstoppable brand and set a milestone in digital marketing.
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