How to make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site or a social media platform that accentuates photo and video sharing via its app, i.e, Instagram app. People can take, edit, publish, and visualize content for their followers to interact with them through likes, comments and shares. With the time, Instagram has been among the fastest growing social media platforms. This social networking platform has gained over one billion active users in a very less time. Over the time, this social media platform has changed itself from a simple photo sharing app to a powerful marketing tool that is used by most of the influencers and businesses to reach their target audience or potential customers. According to a survey conducted by Instagram business, 

  • Almost more than half of the Instagram users, i.e., 60% use this social media platform to discover and launch new products and services. 
  • From these users, about 80% of them are following at least one brand. 
  • 200 million accounts of Instagram on a daily basis check out a business profile for them. 
  • Around 66% of the profile visited are from non-followers.

Below mentioned are the ways through which people can make money on Instagram:-

  • Promote affiliate links:- To make money on Instagram through affiliate marketing, people need to follow up by joining several high paying affiliate programs. By doing such affiliate programs, people can add affiliate links to their Instagram profile through which they can make a commission for themselves using the sales they have generated. When people are doing well with these affiliate links, it can bring in a good amount of money for them.
  • Sell physical and digital products:- With time, Instagram has changed itself into a well established sales generator for several ecommerce brands. Most of the people use this social media platform to discover and buy new products for them. For this, they try to roll out more and more business account features such as in-app checkout, the shop button, product tags, and shoppable stickers. These features make the process of shopping more easier for Instagram users. Those people who have changed their account to Instagram creator account, they can now easily create various shoppable posts to sell products to the people. People buy various types of products on Instagram such as second hand clothes, luxurious apartments, etc. 
  • Publish sponsored posts:- Influencer marketing has been rising over the time. According to data released by social toaster, about 92% of people have a trust on word of mouth advice. About 76% of people shared their views that they are more likely to trust the content that common people share with them rather than any brand. Apart from this, 82% of consumers before making any buying decisions take referrals from their friends. To get shoutouts for their brands, nowadays more and more brands try to reach several influencers.
  • Become a brand ambassador:- Posts sponsored by different people work better on Instagram. But, then also several companies want to build long term relationships with influencers. For this, they now find several brand ambassadors who can promote their brand on a regular basis by just giving them a positive light. Since, Instagram serves as the most preferred channel for influencer marketing, it also serves as the good spot for users to find several brand ambassador programs and cooperate with various companies to promote their products and services.
  • Create visual content that can be easily sale:- Instagram is a visual platform also as on this social media platform people upload millions and millions of photos and videos on a daily basis. According to the views of several customers, they believe that UGC is 35% more recognizable than any other media. This is the only reason why most of the businesses whether big or small want to publish only that content those created by their customers. In other words, it is a golden opportunity to sell photo and videos that people create.
  • Write various captions for businesses:- The data have already gone when only big brands and companies were able to afford Instagram marketing. But over the time, each and every brand use this platform to prompt their products and services. Apart from this 92% of small businesses aims to invest most of their time and efforts in social media marketing. To reduce social media marketing costs, small business owners often find out freelance talent. While big brands have a number of content creation staff and employees. But then also they search for various creative specialists who can write good and catchy captions for their businesses and that too at a very low cost.
  • Find out more and more freelance clients:- This social network app or platform is not just about posting or uploading photos and videos of your pets. With the time, as Instagram has a billion of users, it has become a powerful platform for networking also, especially for those people who work in the creative fields. Nowadays, Instagram has been used by several professionals as an online portfolio for them. The important key for attaining success is to stay creative in your grounds. For this, it is necessary to showcase your work on Instagram. So that you can tell the visitors that you are now available for various freelance opportunities.
  • Use Instagram Reels to Promote Products & Services:- The unique feature of Instagram Reels is grabbing more eyeballs by delivering the users in short video format. Once the users upload Reels on Instagram, it gets a higher number of views than the normal videos on feed post. The Reels Tab in the app has leveraged the reach of influencers and brands not only to their followers but to other users also. Instagram users can swipe up to scroll to another video and like and share it easily.

This is the time to not only spend time scrolling and seeing other people but this is the time to grab some handsome payout from your Instagram profile. Designing your Instagram is not only limited to impressing others but also expressing a message (from Brand or cause) and mining money by creating effective messages for one and all.

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