51 Tools for Keyword Research

51 Tools for Keyword Research

The basic fundamental to a successful SEO is to concentrate on long tail keywords. Though, these keywords receive less engagement than the more generous terms that are related with the more trained traffic and that particular users that are typically downside to their path of intention. The good news seems to be that choosing the right and well platform for the long tail keywords for an individual’s website pages is a very fair and simple process. Here are some of the keyword research tools that an individual can use to quickly and easily introduce and identify powerful long tail keywords for their campaign of SEO.

  1. Google keyword planner:- Google comprises some tools that make it easy for people to conduct research for keywords. For this, keyword planner serves as the best tool to start. When an individual inserts one keyword, multiple keywords or when their website address into keyword planner, Google will give out a related list of keywords. It allows keyword research at both the levels- global and local.
  2. Google trends:- It serves to be another tool offered by Google. It lets an individual insert multiple keywords and then filter them by location, search history and various categories. It doesn’t give individual static keyword volume numbers such as major keyword research tools.
  3. Keyword Tool.io:- It serves to be a pretty rudimentary online keyword research tool. This tool is useful for those who are looking for a list of long tail keyword suggestions. This keyword research is available totally free to the people. To use it’s most basic version, an individual doesn’t even need to create their account on this tool.
  4. Term explorer:- It provides the deepest research reports of a particular keyword research tool in the market. Using thus, an individual can get over 10,000 keyword variations. This keyword research tool does a great job of keeping the results and outcomes as important as possible and pulling via them a number of supporting metrics.
  5. Moz’s keyword difficulty tool:- It serves to be one of the most vital and useful components of an individual’s paid suite. It also serves to be a fantastic resource to analyze the competitiveness for keyword research. When an individual insert a keyword in this tool, then it will simply give the list of the top 10 ranking for that particular keyword.
  6. SEMrush:- It serves to be a competitive keyword research tool that lets an individual keep an eye on their competitor’s keywords. It simply serves as a SEO tool that basically does the keyword research, trails the keyword strategy that is mainly used by the competition, hurries the SEO surveys of the blog, appears for baselining opportunities and many more. It is commended by digital or online marketers throughout the world.
  7. Ahrefs:- This keyword explorer is similar to somewhat SEMrush. It gives some extra bonus and intuitive design in comparison with SEMrush. When it comes to a number of relevant and important suggestions for keyword research, this keyword research tool simply goes the extra mile. It also helps an individual with competitive research.
  8. GrowthBar:- It serves to be an SEO chrome extension that allows an individual to perform analysis for the keywords directly on the page of search engine’s results. At the page level, this keyword research tool shows the top organic keywords. It also has a feature of keyword rank tracker dashboard .
  9. Accuranker:- It serves to be a keyword ranking tool that contains a key differentiator. It seems to have integration available along with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Social Monitoring, and YouTube. It provides highly localized rankings for search engines for an individual’s keywords.
  10. HubSpot:- It contains its personal marketing tool within the hub of marketing. This keyword research tool helps an individual to identify research topics, find keywords or subtopics, etc. It helps an individual to grow their presence of content for generating more and more organic engagement.
  11. Serpstat:- It offers an individual with a list of profitable and usable keywords that are simply used by competitors to make that particular individual’s keywords to rank in the search results. It also helps in figuring out the value of an individual’s keywords with the help of various factors such as number of search results, cost-per-click, etc. Using this keyword research tool, an individual can also check the relevancy of their web pages.
  12. Rank Tracker:- It is a free version that gives an individual control to its  keyword research. It uses almost 20 sources of keyword research such as Google ads keyword planner, Google Suggest, etc. It also involves the feature of keyword analysis that helps an individual to discover the most promising keywords.
  13. Answer The Public:- It serves to be a completely free tool for keyword research that simply doesn’t require any registration of the people. It utilizes Google suggest data to discover some of the important  aspects such as questions, comparison based queries, keywords containing prepositions, etc. It permits an individual to view their data and information in 2 different ways such as visualization and data.
  14. Text Optimizer:- It serves to be the semantic keyword research analysis tool that helps an individual to identify various related concepts behind each and every topic or query. To analyze the keyword context, it uses Google search snippets. It serves to have both content optimization and research tools.
  15. Kparser:-  It serves to be a free premium tool that manages the whole analysis of keywords for free. This keyword research tool doesn’t require any registration. It has the feature of combining multiple keyword sources such as google trends, Ebay, Amazon, etc.
  16. KWFinder:- It serves to be a keyword research tool mainly designed by Mangools. This keyword research tool makes it easy for an individual to search keywords with low SEO difficulty. It has the feature of finding keywords in any language.
  17. Long tail pro:- There is no secret that long tail keywords serve to be the new standards of SEO. This keyword research tool generates keywords for the particular niche sites. It provides recommendations for attracting highly convertible organic engagement.
  18. Majestic:- It serves to be an all in one keyword research or SEO tool that keeps a track on the individual’s site’s health. It serves to be an ideal tool for new blogs and small businesses. It has a feature of research competition on each keyword.
  19. SpyFu:- It serves to be #1 choice for analyzing an individual’s competitors SEO strategies. This keyword research tool discovers ranking difficulty and historical changes in rank. It offers additional modules for in depth analysis of various domains.
  20. Soovle:- It serves to be a customizable keyword research tool that uses suggestions from different famous and popular search engines like Google, Bing, Amazon, Answers.com, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Youtube. An individual can simply drag and drop their keywords using this keyword research tool. This tool also saves the suggestions for keywords.
  21. UberSuggest:- It serves to be one of the fastest growing and now famous keyword research tools. It is owned and managed by Neil Patel. For an individual’s content marketing strategy, this keyword research tool helps them to generate keyword insights for them.
  22. Google Search Console:- It serves not to be a traditional keyword research tool. But, then also it seems quite useful in keywords research. It collects keyword information whenever an individual’s website gets ranked on any website. This keyword research tool helps in figuring out those keywords that seem best to target.
  23. Keywords Everywhere:- It serves to be a keyword research tool that helps an individual to get keywords to find volume and keyword ideas. Using this tool, an individual doesn’t need to find each and every keyword for their monthly searches. It was a completely free keyword research tool till September 2019, but from October 2019, this tool has become a paid one.
  24. Keyword tool dominator:- This keyword research tool helps an individual to see data available for the keyword from very large platforms. It consists of keyword research tools for each of the following sites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Google, Google Shopping, YouTube, and Bing.
  25. SECockpit:- It serves to be a great keyword research tool. It is especially designed for those who promote their content projects. Here, an individual can find a wide range of keywords for their articles and sections.
  26. Keyword snatcher:- It serves to be a simple and easy parser of various search queries that works in collaboration with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Amazon. It helps an individual to generate a minimum of 4000 keywords for them. It serves to be great to discover local keywords and untapped niches.
  27. Google correlate:- It serves to be another keyword research tool form Google. It helps an individual to discover various search patterns. It helps to find searches that correlate with the real world data.
  28. Google Adwords:- It serves to be a great keyword research tool to test an individual’s hypotheses. An individual can also have real world testing through this keyword research tool. This keyword research tool is also used by an individual to validate their assumptions.
  29. Alexa search analytics:- It serves to be a powerful keyword research tool. It uses actionable SEO insights, certified site metrics, and competitive intelligence. It also helps in growing an individual’s SEO.
  30. Google Suggest Expander:- This keyword research tool is powered by Yoast. It serves to be a great tool to brainstorm long tail keywords insights. This tool serves to be a great place for an individual to start.
  31. HQ Suggest:- This keyword research tool helps users to learn that whatever they are searching is quite easy, simple and quick. It serves to be a powerful PC application that helps in keyword research. It helps to deliver the results right away.
  32. Colibri.io:- This keyword research tool is used in 82 countries. It serves to be a great tool to know when an individual says something about their brand. It has the power to influence an individual’s purchasing decisions and promote their personal reputation.
  33. Keyword studio:- It serves to be a great keyword research tool that features automatic keyword grouping. Apart from this, it also features easy customization along with a trade market synonym engine. It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to the users.
  34. Hit Tail:- This keyword research tool generates keyword suggestions for an individual. It analyzes an individual’s existing website traffic. It mainly works in the background to constantly give an individual new insights for the keyword.
  35. Niche laboratory:- It serves to be a free keyword research tool. It generates various ideas for the keywords based on the location. This keyword research tool gives a complete search for LSI keywords, keyword tag clouds, top website rankings, etc.
  36. Thesaurus:- This keyword research tool is used by an individual to firm new phrases for keywords. It is also used to combine various keyword phrases. To combine various keywords phrases, this tool serves to be the best place.
  37. Raven Tools:- This keyword research tool serves an automated crawl to its users. It allows an individual to see how this website stacks up against its competitors. It provides a 30 day free trial version. It serves to be a great link building and keyword discovery tool.
  38. Ginzametrics:- It serves to be a great keyword research tool with a huge resource. It also provides a lot of useful content for an individual’s SEO. It is mainly used by the fastest-growing brands.
  39. Keyword Shitter:- This keyword research tool simply types the required word. It finds over 2000 related keywords. It is an extremely simple and easy tool without accessing links and buttons.
  40. Screaming frog SEO provider:- This keyword research tool can be easily installed on PC, Mac or Linux. It allows an individual to creep URLs. It serves to be a great tool to discover keywords that an individual’s competitors use.
  41. Web Seer:- This keyword research tool compares google search results. It features two columns of search. One search column features a simple interface whereas the other search column features quick results.
  42. SEO Chat Keyword Suggest tool:- This keyword research tool finds the most famous phrases that people search on different sites. Different sites include Google, Bing, Amazon and YouTube. In this, thousands of results seem to appear in the list.
  43. SeoQuake:- This keyword research tool is available on Google chrome, Mozilla firefox, safari and opera. It serves to be an ideal keyword research tool. Using this keyword research tool, an individual can easily analyze the density of keywords on any site’s page.
  44. Sicells:- This keyword research tool serves to be an analytic and keyword suggestion tool. It is especially designed and used by amazon sellers. It is used to track and optimize keyword rankings, manage product reviews and monitor competitors.
  45. Traffic travis:- It performs a full SEO health check. It uncovers technical mistakes that may affect an individual’s rankings. It helps an individual to find out why competitors outrank them. It has around 40,000 users to check out.
  46. BrightEdge Data Cube:- Using this keyword research tool, an individual will get to know the real demand of their content. It also improves the performance of an individual’s site using semantically related topics. It also gets seamless integration using an individual’s content performance workflow.
  47. SEO Book Keyword List Generator:- This keyword research tool knows everything about an individual’s competitors. It uses the best keywords, displays an individual’s ranking profile on Google and Bing. It also provides access to organic and histories of paid search performance.
  48. Jaaxy:- This keyword research tool features lightning-fast niche research. It also provides comprehensive keyword research along with accurate competition metrics. It serves to be a great keyword research tool that can be used by an individual to topple their competitors.
  49. CanlRank:- This keyword research tool rapidly gives an individual a complete picture of the competitive landscape. It also helps an individual to monitor where their business ranks. It allows an individual to get to know about the changes that will make the biggest impact on them.
  50. Keyword Eye:- This keyword research tool provides a 30-day money back guarantee. With more than 50,000 users, it serves to be a compelling choice. This keyword research tool characterizes competitor research, keyword suggestions and a questions finder.
  51. Word stream keyword tool:- This keyword research tool serves to be a great source of keyword ideas. It gets data through US-based search industry partnerships like browse toolbars, search engines, internet service providers, etc.

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