Is online paid advertising the need of the day?

An individual sometimes finds headlines where the words “Ad” seems to appear every time whenever an individual does a search on Google, right? If so, that simply means that an individual is already familiar with the term paid ads. In the world of business, advertising seems to play a great role in the success of a business. Though an individual seems to have a great or best products and services, if they don’t tend to pose the ability to show those products and services to others, then their company, or products and services may not exist. With the coming of the internet, paid ads or digital ads have changed the overall perspective of the advertising industry. After then, advertising seems no longer limited to just images on billboards or newspapers. At a much deeper level, these ads can now be used to attract individuals. It can also be used to specifically target the locations and interests of an individual. Using these abilities, it will particularly enhance the efficiency of online or digital advertising. If an individual indulge themselves into the world of digital business, then they must invest in paid ads. Now let us know about paid ads.

What is paid ads?

Paid ads which is also known as paid advertisements are those advertisements that are offered by various digital providers of network, and an individual need to pay to these providers. Paid ads mainly consists of two forms:-
-Network Ads
Social Ads

There are various types of campaigns involve in the paid ads, on both the forms, ads network and social media, are:-
*Pay per download
*Display ads
*Video ads

The most popular way of paid ads serves to pay-per-click(PPC), where an individual as an advertiser pay per click (PPC) or per-impression on a particular ad. The better an individual’s ad campaign, the higher the CTR or click through rate an individual can get. It also gives the greater chance of getting new leads or customers. Then comes social ads, which means content ads only appears on various social media platforms. Social ads serves to be one of the most efficient and effective methods to do advertising. Social ads uses various algorithms that demonstrates what users are seem to be interested is quite based on the activity on an individual’s various social media accounts that are seen or based on likes, shares and comments.

Social ads serves to be the best methods to target a particular sections of the audience, those who are quite interested in an individual’s products and services that are simply based on an unique set of targeting criteria based on location, age, gender, hobbies, interests. Social media platforms such as facebook, Instagram, etc. contains sophisticated targeting abilities which simply means that an individual can refine their targeting criteria to reach a particular, high-quality audience.

Why paid ads?

An effective ad campaign uses various channels to advertise their products and services. Though paid ads seems to be expensive as it totally depends on competition like how highly the competitive keywords an individual uses, how highly the biding of their competitors utilises the same and similar keywords and interests. But this method serves to be an efficient method to disseminate an individual’s name of the brand and product massively to an entire community. Meanwhile, the key messages from am individual’s brand serves to be the main ones.

5 most important things an individual must do before jumping into paid internet advertising:-

1. Paid advertising serves to be an ideal method to guide more and more traffic and engagement to an individual’s site and enhance business, but it can also become expensive rapidly if an individual seems not to be careful. How does an individual make sure that they get most out of their paid ads? How does an individual make sure that their paid advertising performance as it must be?

An individual must understand how long tail keywords can work:- The basic thing an individual must understand before indulging themselves into paid advertising is to know each and every aspects of it- mainly, how keywords especially work. UberSuggest serves to be an ideal resource to discover new keywords in their industry. With the UberSuggest, it seems vital to recommend that an individual are not necessarily looking for the largest engagement keywords. An individual looks for that particular words that their customers basically looks for them. So, for this an individual needs to look out on the outline of something known as long tail keywords. These keywords serves to be longer and more specific keywords that when added together make up the most part of search driven traffic.
They must also know their territory and area of interest:- There seems to be a number of places to purchase ads as each and every site has it’s own personal strengths and weaknesses. To start this, an individual must know about different types of paid advertising:-
Display ads or banner ads:- When an individual thinks about online advertising, then this type of ad immediately comes to their mind. It serves to be very common types of paid advertising and is available in a number of sizes. These ads seems to be very efficient but they have the criteria of targeting only those customers who doesn’t actively try to look for something new and unique.
Text ads:- Text ads serves to be that type of paid advertisements that an individual mainly sees on primary search page of Google. It serves to be less expensive than banner or display ads. It targets only those customers who actively looks for something unique and specific. These ads are very efficient. But I’d depends mainly on good keyword research along with A/B testing.
Buy sell ads or direct buy:- BuySellAds serves to be the best place to go and find various displays opportunities of ads. They mainly allows an individual to rent particular space on a site or on a blog and that too for a fixed cost. Additionally opportunities mainly like this exist if an individual have contact some of their favorite bloggers on a direct basis.
An individual must also have their tracking ready:- If an individual are not able to see that how the different types of ads are performing, then they are not able to buy the paid advertising at all. The main and best thing regarding paid advertising is that using paid advertising, an individual get the opportunity to track each and every thing. Google analytics serves to be an absolute when it comes to digital ad buying. This package of analytics seems quite easy to install and are also free.
5. They must also create a landing page:- It serves vital to send incoming visitors to an unique page known as landing page on an individual’s website instead of their homepage but there seems to be three good reasons to utilize these strategies:-
It allows an individual to customize their message for the incoming visitors. This simply means that an individual can continue for the messages that they have initiated within their ads. It usually creates a cohesive experience among them.
These customized padding pages allows an individual to push visitors towards some particular actions like downloading a free ebook, etc.
It mainly tracks an individual’s visits very easy and effectively. This is particularly more important.
When an individual mainly combine these plan of actions, with easy tools of funnel tracking, then that particular individual can gain various types of information about how to reach to the visitors and how to sell products and services to their new visitors. In many of the cases, an individual might create only one landing page for an entire ad campaign. In many other cases, an individual might also wants to create a particular landing page for each and every keyword that an individual purchases. It serves very important to block an individual’s custom landing pages from various available search engines. This can simply be done using a simple edit to robots.txt file. It serves to be an important step that will make an individual’s ad tracking more reliable and relevant. If an individual allows Google and Bing to send non-paid visitors to an individual’s page, they may get a false sense of how an individual’s page performs.
Create a call to action:- Once an individual have a visitor on their landing pages, then they simply know how does an individual convert them into a required lead or customer. Each and every landing page an individual sends them must contain a clear call to action. An individual must think about this carefully, that’s what the difference between a sale and wasted money. Everything on an individual’s landing page must push their visitors towards a particular set of action that an individual simply wants them to take. Without considering this aspect, an individual simply throwing away their money.
Use A/B Testing:- An individual simply have launched their landing page. Small twists and adjustments lead to a huge difference in overall rates of conversion. A/B testing seems to be very scientific about the different ways of testing methods that works best. When an individual simply move towards A/B testing, it serves to be very important than an individual each and every time make a single and testable change.

An individual must also review results regularly:- Whatever an individual does, they must not simply look after their results on a regular basis or daily. This practice of seeing results on a regular basis can leads to off hand changes that are made too quickly.
Set a budget and plan for the long haul:- This is something than an individual needs to do for a while. An individual must not expect to finish that particular thing in a week or a two. To achieve the best results, an individual need to wait for some time or need to give some time. For a more serious study, an individual must dedicate their time and funds regularly or whenever needed or required.

What are the Benefits of Paid Advertising?

Google tends to remain the largest online ad seller throughout the world in the year 2019 which accounts for 31.1% throughout the world and spends $103.73 billion.
Facebook stands at no.2 position with $67.37 billion in the spending of net ad.
When it generally comes to paid social media ads, facebook serves to be that social media platform that mainly dominates the market throughout the world with accounting of more than 65% of the total spend on the ads (Smart Insights, 2019).
LinkedIn is used by 94% of B2B marketers (Content Marketing Institute, 2018).
Twitter is used by 84% of B2B marketers (Content Marketing Institute, 2018)
Facebook consists of 6 million active advertisers.
During live events, Twitter ads serves to be more effective by 11% than TV ads.
Seeing the such high usage of paid advertising by the marketers throughout the world, an individual must truly consider the space for online paid advertising.

Paid advertising has mainly consists of that particular costs associated with it. Examples of paid advertisements include:-
online partnerships,
website takeovers and
PPC campaigns (search and social media).

Many of the people understand paid advertising as PPC known as Pay Per Click. This includes Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter advertising between various other social media and digital media platforms.

Benefits of paid advertising:-

Organic reach on social media seems to be very less. Paid gives an individual fast results:- According to the data released by HubSpot l, users of facebook now sees only 2% of organic pages that they seems to follow on their pages. Basically, organic content on various social media platforms is mainly used for branding and creating awareness for the brand. Using paid advertising, an individual can have guaranteed reach to its visitors and can use their content to elevate their brand using specific targets and will receive more qualified leads. If an individual’s website is not ranking in the first page of Google results for the query of a search, then paid advertising gives an ability to the individuals to place various ads for keywords and brings high quality engagement to their website without investing in work and time as the SEO invlives them.
Ads are very affordable and measurable:- When an individual runs various campaigns of paid advertising, then they are able to reach a very wide and large segments of the audience. Costs or price that are mainly related to the paid advertising simply depends on the objective of the ads or the type of ads that an individual in running. For example, if an individual’s objective or goal is website engagement then they will incur a CPC, i.e, cost-per-click. Or if an individual’s aim is awareness of the brand, then they will simply incur a CPM, i.e, Cost Per 1,000 Impressions. Ads can be made in a couple of minutes. Also, there are a number of tools that helps an individual to build the necessary images at a very little cost or simply at no cost. An individual also need to keep the track of money that they have spent on various paid ad platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn advertising. An individual can also simply set daily budgets or total budgets for various campaigns so that an individual can never over spend.
Specific and granular targeting are available:- Paid advertising can be very particular and allows an individual to reach some of the relevant and important visitors who might have a interest in their brand and fit the demographics of their sale personas. An individual need to take a look at their analytics throughout the available digital platforms and analyses and know their audience to introduce and identify some of the common factors like keywords, locations, demographics, job titles, interests and common topics. An individual can use all of this available information to refine their campaigning of the paid targeting along with the net using more qualified leads thus in order to increase the rate of conversions. Once a visitor has browsed an individual’s website or simply clicked through an ad, then an individual need to run a retargeting campaign to continually engage their prospects and potential for those who have mainly shown their interest in an individual’s products or services. By doing this, an individual seems to be constantly placed in the back of the minds of their potential and prospective customers.
Broadcast an individual’s message across multiple platforms:- Yhere seems to be a number of platforms that simply broadcasts an individual’s brand and unique messaging across various platforms. An individual can also make use of various display ad banners on the Google Display Netwirk or simply contains text ads that seems to appear above people’s searches or findings on various Google sites. Today, each and every social media platforms contains paid advertising. This includes:-

There seems to be a number of options from which an individual can choose. There also seems to be a variety of different campaigns to suit an individual’s every needs when they tend to consider paid advertising. When an individual conducts research for the segments of audience, then they simply find out the relevant digital platforms that an individual’s primary target audience uses. They should also identify and introduce the available paid advertising and then an individual seems to be on their way of the glorious paid advertising. That’s why paid advertising serves to be the next natural step for an individual’s sales and marketing funnel. There seems to be many possibilities, many platforms along with types of campaigns in front of the individual to choose from them. An individual can also tailor their brand and message in each and every possible way that an individual see fit for them and consistently tests on them that what works regularly and what doesn’t works. Eventually, an individual will get to see gold and they simply find themselves with more quality leads and rate of conversions as a result and consequence for them.

Some more added benefits of paid advertising includes:-
Paid search advertising allows for targeted search results.
It serves to be cost-effective.
It gives first page exposure in the top search engines.
Engagement is consistent and immediate.
It provides more reach to the target audience.
It allows for quick execution.
It allows for more and more better branding.
Analytics and results seem quite easy to measure.
An individual can have full control over their optimizations.
Geo-targeting and ad-scheduling.
There seems to be continuous improvement.
Use a number of platforms to advertise.
People who click on paid search ads are ready to buy.
Take advantage of paid search ads.

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