Bright, glossy portraits; rich, incandescent snapshots are prominently visible in Instagram. With increase in popularity of this social platform, a significant rise in influencers in various niches has grown enormously. This blog helps you to identify which filter is apt for your image while using in Instagram.

Normal: The original format of the image is seen in normal where no filter is applied. The picture is posted just as it is. Instagram popularly the hashtag #nofilter in this format.

Clarendon: This filter intensifies shadows, brightness and gives highlights to the picture. This was originally just released as a video filter but can now be used for photographs also.

Gingham: This filter washes the photos out. It also gives a yellowish tone when used on dark photos, it also helps to add a dreamy look when used on light photos.

Moon: This is a monochromatic filter which helps to add black-and-white effect to the image. It has intense shadows to it.

Lark: This filter brings landscapes to life. It punches the blue and green colour, and adds the effect of red in it.


Reyes: This filter helps to give the photo a dusty and a vintage look.

Juno: This filter gives a cool green tone to the image, it also makes the warm tones in the image pop and make the whites glow. This is for people who want a vibrant image.

Slumber: This filter helps to desaturate the image and it also adds haze for a retro and a dreamy look.

Crema: This is a very vintage filter. It smooths out and washes out skin tones from the image.

Ludwig: This filter gives a slight hint of desaturation that enhances the light in the image.

Aden: This filter gives a very natural blue/green look.


Perpetua: This filter adds a pastel like look to the image and is very useful for portraits.

Amaro: This filter helps to add light to the image, while it focuses on the center of the image.

Mayfair: This filter applies a warm pink tone to the image, along with a subtle vignette to brighten the photograph center and a thin black border.

Rise: This filter adds a glow to the image as it softens the lighting of the subject.


Hudson: This filter helps to create an “icy” illusion with heightened shadows, with a cool tint and a dodged center.

Hefe: This filter adds high contrast and saturation to the picture, with a similar effect to Lo-Fi but not quite as dramatic.

Valencia: This filter fades the image by increasing its exposure and giving a warm tint to the image that helps to give the picture an antique feel.

X-Pro II: This filter helps in increasing the color vibrancy of the image simply by adding a golden tint to it. It also brings out a high contrast and gives a slight vignette effect to the edges.

Sierra: This filter gives a very faded and soft look to the image.

Willow: This is a monochromatic filter, which gives a black and white filter to it. It also gives a subtle pinkish tone to it and it also adds a translucent white border to the image.

Lo-fi: This filter enriches color and adds strong shadows through the use of saturation. It warms the temperature of the picture.

Inkwell: This is the basic black and white filter.

Nashville: This filter warms the temperature, along with lowering the contrast and increases exposure. It also gives a light “pink” tint to the picture making the picture feel “nostalgic”.

Stinson: This is a very subtle filter. It helps to brighten the image by simply washing out the colors from the image.


Earlybird: This filter gives photographs an older look like the tint of sepia and gives a warm temperature.

Brannan: This filter gives an increased contrast and exposure to the image and it also adds a metallic tint to it.

Sutro: This filter burns out the edges of the photo, it also increases the highlights and the shadows dramatically. You will observe purple and copper brown effects on the image.

Toaster: This gives a very dramatic vignette to the image, it somehow gives an effect of burning to the image.

Walden: This filter increases the exposure of the image and adds a yellow tint to it.

1977: This filter increases exposure in the picture and also gives a red tint to the photograph. It gives an overall faded look to the image.

Kelvin: This filter increases the saturation and the temperature of the picture to give it a radiant glow.

Maven: This filter adds darkness to your image and adds a yellow glow as an effect that suits the architecture pictures.

Ginza: This filter adds brightness  and increases luminosity of the image. You can use this filter to illuminate pictures in low light.


Skyline: As the name of the filter, it supplements light to the dull images and adds radiance.

Dogpatch: This filter gives a vibrant touch to the image by increasing contrast. This filter diminishes bright colors to give a different character to the image.

Brooklyn: This filter is one of the most popular filter used by food bloggers and photographers in Instagram.

Helena: This filter induces glow to the dull images. It enhances the outdoor photos and adds a unique touch to the image.

Ashby: This filter intensifies the image and adds radiance of golden yellow.

Charmes: This filter adds a creamy look for both warm and cool image.

Adding right filter to an image makes it stand out from the crowd where millions of users are existing in the platform. Instagram filters helps in enhancing the look and feel of the visual image and adds a character to it. Hope this detailed blog on Instagram filters will help you to ease the requirement of filter as per the image.


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