Are You Wondering How WordPress Works Substantially Well In 2021

How WordPress Works

Have you ever thought why and how WordPress works triumphantly well on Internet?

Well, data indicates that around 40% of the website on the internet use WordPressMore than 74 million websites of all types and sizes use WordPress sites to post and upload something new each and every second.

WordPress serves to be a free and powerful tool to build and develop simplistic, creative yet artistic websites. It serves as a CMS i.e. Content Management System that allows an individual to host and build or develop numerous websites.

WordPress has the authority to power many of the popular brands on this planet like Microsoft News, Skype, BBC America, TechCrunch, TED Blog, The Walt Disney and many more.

It contains a plugin architecture along with a template system, such that an individual can customize any website to fit their portfolio, business, online store or blog. To make your website look the way you want it to, you get a number of customization options.

We hope that this blog paves your journey smoothly in building your website and also helps to grow your business through WordPress.

WordPress has the authority in such a way that it powers 26% of all the websites available. The CMS has rapidly become favorite for both, i.e. web savvy users and web novices.

If you think of creating a website on WordPress, you can readily start a small business website just by using a WordPress site.

Essential Guide On How WordPress Works Step By Step For Your Website

  1. The first and foremost step is to select a domain name.
  2. You need to set up your site with the hosting provider like Bluehost with WordPress.
  3. Install WordPress CMS
  4. Then you must choose a theme for your website.
  5. You can choose a free or paid theme and install it.
  6. You must use the right font that suits the mood of the site and maintain uniformity in the font style.
  7. You need to set an accent color for your website.
  8. For designing websites on WordPress, speed optimization serves to be an important factor.
  9. A good logo makes sense as it helps in conveying values and ideas behind your brand.
  10. There is no compulsion that you can only design a site if you are a pro in computer programming. In fact, WordPress enable you to design your site with just drag and drop features.
  11. You must set easy and easy to read permalinks. Do not keep your permalinks very long.
  12. You must make your site public.
  13. You should not forget to set your website title and tagline.
  14. You need to manually approve the comments if you are a beginner to avoid spamming.
  15. You must also set the time zone.
  16. You need to have a homepage that clearly showcases the purpose of your blog.
  17. You must adjust the typography.
  18. You should also get plugins to extend your website’s abilities and performance.
  19. You should consider adding a blog page too on your website.
  20. Optimize the website to increase speed of the page.
  21. You must also not forget about search engine optimization, i.e. SEO. SEO is must for your website to make it search engine friendly.
  22. You must keep a working contact number and email id that is provided by you in the contact section.
  23. You must create and update a blog on a regular basis.
  24. You must also adjust the site navigation.
  25. You can add a sidebar and might add widgets.

How To Grow Your Business Through WordPress?

  • It does not cost anything to use:- It doesn’t actually matter whether it is a commercial website or personal blog, the major fact to use WordPress is that it doesn’t charge a single penny. If your site starts receiving more traffic than they have anticipated, then also WordPress doesn’t charge any extra cost. Apart from it being free, it also serves to be an open source in which an individual can alter or improve its source code.
  • It reigns supreme on the CMS market:- WordPress not only seems to be the most famous CMS but also it actually blows out the competition from the water. According to the data revealed by W3Techs, this WordPress is mainly used by almost 59.5% of all the websites that use CMS.
  • Ready to use:- You can start using WordPress as soon as you install it. There is no requirement of any configuration. Most of the things that an individual might search for comes up with the installation like comments, integration of social media feeds, etc.
  • Search engine friendly:- Apart from all the features, one of the most important features is WordPress serves to be SEO friendly. Some of the famous companies such as Bing and Google seem to rank websites that utilize WordPress higher than those that don’t have. This is because of the reason the framework of CMS makes it quite easy for the available search engines.
  • Adaptability:- The fact that WordPress is so adaptable can’t be taken with a pinch of salt. WordPress is flexible enough to accomplish all the needs through its extensions and plugins, whether an individual is using the CMS for attain low business website, personal blog or an ecommerce website.
  • Secure and safe:- With the recognition of WordPress comes the interest of would-be hackers. One more reason why WordPress is so beloved is that the security measures for which the developers go prevents the trust of its users. The WordPress staff update the CMS on a regular basis, together with the available plugs-ins that have the ability to integrate with it.
  • Customizable:- You can make the WordPress theme look anyway that you wish for using a customized theme. You can choose and use one in all of the numerous option that it provides, or buy a premium theme. You can also add and extend certain features to create functioning of their website and perform in whatever way you like.
  • Mobile friendly:- Google serves to penalize sites that don’t seem to be user friendly by ranking them on the bottom of their result pages. Using WordPress, you don’t seem to overhaul the complete site to make it accessible on smartphones and tablets, because most of the themes are responsible automatically. WordPress also seems to have options for websites and that to be viewed mainly in “mobile view” for the available themes that are not seemingly responsible.
  • Simple to use:- Another most important reason why people like to use this site is because of its simplicity. It serves very easy and simple for newbies to learn. This platform also serves to be very intuitive. The CMS serves to be very user friendly as it gets with time.
  • Sources of support:- There seems a lot of help to be found online which appears to be a simple Google search for WordPress. The problem that one faces is likely to pull up the guides along with the tutorials to help them solve their problem. The forum that WordPress offers, allows users to help each other and this creates a very interactive community.
  • Bug name brands use it too:- WordPress has the authority to power some of the world’s most famous brands that gives millions of pageviews on a daily basis. For instance, Mashable, Nasa, Mozilla, Coca Cola, Wall Street Journal and so on. This simply means that WordPress will be considered as a serious website solution for the business.
  • Multimedia support:- The websites that receive the lowest bounce rates are the ones that are available with a lot of multimedia. It lets you easily integrate video either by uploading their own or by just adding embeddable code via HTML areas. You can also add audio files, imagery, and various other forms of media that helps people in keeping themselves interested and browsing their site also.
  • Integration:- WordPress communicates and collaborates with most of the famous third party platforms to make website even more modern than before. There are a number of plugins that lets you easily send out email campaigns along with the newsletters. There seems to be a number of plugins that allow you to accept payments for credit cards for an ecommerce site.
  • Simple to manage:- As mentioned earlier, for security purposes, WordPress is powered with an automatic updater. The content management system also notifies you when there seems to be a new update for software plugins. To keep the site safe, you will have the latest and safest platforms.
  • More than just a blog:- WordPress serves to start out as an ideal and great platform to blog, but in recent times many businesses and people utilizes WordPress as an outright website for them. Though WordPress characterizes both post as well as page structure, you can post blog articles on a regular basis without even affecting the static pages like ‘about us’ or ‘contact us’ pages.
  • Social media integration:- People can easily and effectively post comments on their site using their own accounts on social networks. WordPress makes it quite simple for people on various social media platforms to find and then interact with others with the help of accounts that they have already established and made.
  • Saves you money:- WordPress seems to be an expense free not just because it serves to be a free CMS. Although WordPress serves to be user-friendly and operates as a software of open source, you will bypass the need of hiring web technicians and designers.
  • Numerous ecommerce solutions:- If you use WordPress to run an ecommerce website, then you will have to take good care of the many ecommerce solutions available in the portfolio. You can also convert the website into an online store using some famous plugins such as WP Ecommerce and WooCommerce.
  • You are not committed to one hosting provider:- There is very little or no downtime on WordPress that should let an individual decide to switch hosting providers. Just as each and every web host provides WordPress as a Content Management System, i.e. CMS, so it’s not difficult to migrate from one server to another. This is how WordPress works.
  • Keeps your site looking fresh:- You can also change the look and appearance of the site using a whim through any of the available free or premium themes, either via WordPress or on third-party sites. You can also give the website a refreshing appearance that keeps the company fresh in the eyes and minds of your potential and prospective customers.
  • Can be used as a membership service:- If your website provides non-tangible products and services, then WordPress offers plugins that you can use to sell memberships. In this way, you can earn revenue just by charging others to see some exclusive and unique content on your website.
  • Schedule posts:- WordPress makes it quite easy and effective to schedule things that you want to publish. In this way, you can write all the content at once, and can publish at particular period of time, over many days. This is most comfortable if a majority of the website traffic desires to visit during a specific block of time.
  • Multi-user capability:- In case you are not only the one who is running their website, then WordPress makes it quite simple and easy to assign different types of access roles to different persons. Below mentioned are some of the roles that the plugin, “WordPress Codex”, offers:-
      1. Super Admin:- Super Admin has total access and control to the website features and characteristics.
      2. Administrator:- Administrator has all the access and control to the administrative features.
      3. Editor:- Editor has the authority to publish their own posts and then remove or approve the posts of other users.
      4. Author:- Author has the power to manage and publish their own posts.
      5. Contributor:- Contributors can write and manage their own posts but must depend on the administrator to approve them.
      6. Subscriber:- Subscriber can view and edit their own profile, especially a user with their own personal account.
  • Add testimonials:- Having testimonials on your website about the products and services serves to be a great selling tactic. There are a number of plugins available that make it quite easy and simple to publish customer reviews and testimonials. Some of them provide widgets that show reviews and testimonials about their business on a scroll.
  • Publish content immediately:- If you lack patience, nothing can stop you to publish each and every post just by the click on the mouse. And best of all, if you has the WordPress app on respective smartphones or tablets, then you must take advantage of this by just publishing the post from anywhere and at any time.
  • No need to learn HTML code:- Unless and until you want to do this. Anyone can create content by using the fact WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get), which means you can easily create pages and posts without knowing HTML code.
  • Universal dashboard:- Because the WordPress dashboard has the same look and appearance on each and every platform, that’s why confusion is eliminated. You should also substitute several things to the respective dashboards such as daily stats, lists of new posts, recent comments and news updates.
  • WordPress keeps on improving:- As a beginner, you must thank to it’s open source coding along with the innovative and creative developers, as WordPress keeps on improving day by day. Whether the staff of WordPress are adding new features, developers seem to create new plugins or coders have programmed some new and unique features to customize their site, the CMS keeps on evolving for the better response.

You can use WordPress for designing personal or commercial website. There seems to be very little possibility that you cannot do with this powerful and effective CMS.

If you haven’t used WordPress before, these above mentioned suggestions should have given you enough insights to switch to WordPress. In case you are not familiar with WordPress, for you WordPress serves to be the best platform for non-techies.

WordPress allows you to edit and alter and adjust the appearance of your website, without using the code. You might think of a number of extra features along with the ability to drop and drag functionality blocks for your website, and this may be along the right lines.

Maybe WPBeginner’s description has done more justice with the WordPress. WPBeginner’s define a CMS and WordPress particularly as- A CMS or a Content Management System serves to be a software that creates, edits, organizes and publishes content.

WordPress serves as a CMS that allows you to create and publish the content on web.  

Why to use WordPress?

So, let us begin the never ending list of cool reasons that you might use WordPress for the business website.

  • It’s free:- WordPress is a free tool to build websites. The content management system can be easily installed for any website. WPBeginner sum up it as WordPress serves to be an open source software. It serves to be totally free only in the sense of freedom but not in the sense of free beer. You may also ask then what is the difference between the two? Open source software is available with the total freedom for an individual to use, modify, build, redistribute the software in any particular way that one likes.
  • It has themes and page builders:- WordPress mainly runs and operates on themes and page builders. defines WordPress theme as it is a collection of files that work all together as a one to generate a graphical interface and that too with an underlying and unifying design mainly for a weblog. These files are completely known as template files. It can also be considered as that theme that has the ability to modify the way the site is developed without even modifying the underlying software.
  • It is easy to use:- WordPress seems to be instinctive and easy to use. It may appear to be a light daunting at first, because it doesn’t pretty looks like Shopify. It doesn’t spend millions of dollars for the marketing. You can edit and access everything that you would need from the WordPress CMS, and if you find something that you can not, then there is generally a plugin available that you can install on the website that will help to design the website accordingly.
  • It is scalable:- WordPress appears to be scalable and you don’t need to pay any extra amount if the website reaches a particular level of traffic; you only need to pay for it’s domain and hosting. You can also receive some inexpensive hosting packages for the WordPress that basically starts from a few dollars per month and as you scale then you can opt for high quality and professional plans of hosting.
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