How to increase your followers on Quora? 

Quora is simply a place where people can gain knowledge and information and share them also. It serves as a best platform for people where people can easily ask questions and connect or communicate with others who come up with unique ideas and good quality answers. The main aim and mission of this website is to share, grow and develop the world’s and people’s knowledge and information. It includes a vast range of knowledge and information that serves as valuable and important for many people. This website has an aim to connect with more and more people so that they can share knowledge with each other. It also brings different people with different perspectives to a single platform where they can understand each other’s knowledge and information in a better way.  It is simply a website for questions and answers where several community members have the right to ask several questions or answer any questions that they want.

It also serves as a vehicle for lead generation that opens up the line of communication between experts and other users. This platform works better when they are genuinely engaged with some others who honestly want answers to their questions that they prefer to have. It works in such a way that the experts take their time to develop their profile that shows their position of authority on Quora. It then also presents itself as a launching pad to generate several leads. It is also not designed in such a way that it directly offers leads instead it can indirectly offer leads using proper investment of building the perfect profile that illustrates their best authoritative position.

It serves to be a question and answer website where people visit this website to find relevant information about their questions. Here, each and every piece of content is generated by the users that simply means the content is created, edited, and organized by the people that use this website. It possesses some extra qualities and features that other research tools don’t have, like:-

  • It allows its users to create social networks.
  • It also allows its users to follow those topics that might interest them.
  • It has its main focus on high quality answers and questions.
  • To highlight the most possible accurate information and data, it also enables its users to vote on the answers. 

How to use Quora?

For using Quora, an individual needs to create their account on it. After creating an account an individual needs to learn the basic functions of this website. An individual  need not to worry as they make creation of the account along with the navigation of the website quite easier for its users. Plus, this website is also free. 

How to create an account on Quora?

When an individual first visit a website, then they will be asked either to sign in for their available account or just create an account on the available colorful screen mentioned below:-

Using this available screen, just click “sign up with email.” After an individual will fill out that page, an individual will now can complete the other typical requirements for creation of the account such as adding a photo to the profile, connecting with the friends on the site. Now, an individual can then start to follow things that interest them. It serves to be a perfect mix among a search engine and social media. An individual follows things on the website, but there seems to be a greater emphasis on topics such as technology, movies, science, health, food, music, book, business, psychology, etc. In this way, whatever an individual will choose to follow will make up the content available in their feed. 

How to ask questions on Quora?

After an individual has created an account on Quora and chooses the particular topics to follow, then they can start using Quora. This also includes asking questions and giving answers to the questions on this site. If an individual wants to ask a question on Quora, then they must click on the red “Add question or link” option that seems to appear on the top right corner. A box will appear to somewhat that is mentioned below should popup.

An individual can enter their question and then click “add question”. After that Quora will ask an individual to select the topics and then verify them that are relevant to their questions. After this, an individual will have to wait for people to respond to their questions.

How to answer questions on Quora?

On the other end, Quora has the ability to answer other user’s questions also. The only reason that an individual might answer some other user’s question on Quora is that they seem to have a high quality, accuracy and honesty to that particular question. An individual must not respond to other user’s questions with nonsense or any stupidity. The only method that a website like Quora can assume that if all the users respect the other user’s requests and answers. It is being said that answering any question on Quora is very simple and easy. An individual feed will mainly consist of questions related to the topics that they have followed while creating their account. An individual must click for those questions for which they have a solid answer followed by hitting the answer button. 

An individual can now go ahead and then submit their answers on Quora by just making themselves sure that it seems quite accurate and helpful especially to that user who has asked this particular question. 

Tips for generating lead using Quora:- 

  • First and foremost tips is to create an authority profile.
  • Try to engage actively in the topics that belong to your area of interest in an authoritative way.
  • Try to interact and engage with followers directly, mainly with those who demonstrate their area of interest in your grounds and especially with those who follow your questions.
  • Try to use various opportunities to develop relationships and communication and decide whether there are any prospective business opportunities or not.
  • Try to share your responses on various social media platforms which leads to gaining more exposure on different social media platforms. This further helps to enhance the authority of the brand which will produce more leads than before.
  • Find out the most trending and interesting topics within your area of interest. 
  • Also try to keep informed and aware regarding the type of questions and answers that are mainly popular which helps us to use this as a tool for doing research to develop and ask even more impactful and better questions.
  • It also imparts itself to more followers which ultimately assist more additional leads.
  • Try to make connections with industry leaders and top influencers or marketers within the industry. 
  • Make a list of different types of users who follow similar types of questions and come up with them.
  • Try to make connections with the industry leaders and top influencers that allows individuals to become noticed by several other industry experts.
  • Try to make more and more use of quora features and tools like, etc. This tool mainly works by sending the information each and every time to any of the sources that has been recognized from a particular blog or a website which helps in enhancing the SEO rankings that further increases the opportunity to generate more and more leads and that too to accept more and more leads.

Quora serves as a wonderful method or way for not only to create a powerful appearance but it also helps people or experts to engage themselves with more sincere and obedient users who are in search of more information and data for producing more and more leads.

Quora also serves as a very useful platform to ask relevant questions, get relevant answers and also shares what you know about this world or with the world. It simply means that an individual can utilize this site to search for advice, ideas, perspectives, explanations, and answers to a particular for which you have already searched for.

For example, a search on Quora helps an individual to find:-

  • Several pieces of advice that will help young people in managing their finances.
  • Various insights regarding how to be a more clever and intelligent traveler.
  • Different perspectives, such as what it’s like to eat meat once again(after a long gap) after being a vegetarian for a long time.
  • A clear and perfect explanation of machine learning.

How individuals should use Quora effectively and efficiently to market their business

Digital marketers seek for several ways to market and promote their client’s or customers’ businesses. So, with the coming of every new and unique platform that gets very popular and famous among users, marketers or influencers inclined to surge the vacant space very soon. But there seems to be only one platform that appears to be overcrowded.  It was co-founded in the year 2009 by two former Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Since then, this platform has grown enormously. However, the number of active users on a monthly basis has not been officially reported by Quora founder and CEO, Adam D’Angelo. He has also announced that there are more than 200 million monthly unique visitors for this site.

Ways an individual can use Quora for their business

Here are some of the ways that individuals can use Quora effectively and efficiently for their business.

  • They must have a great business profile on this question answer website.
  • It serves as a goldmine for new blog topics which helps to find new and interesting topics that an individual can easily add them to content marketing strategy.
  • It also helps to connect an individual with other influential people to follow and interact with various influential and professional people on Quora.
  • It also helps in improving business communication.
  • It also helps in improving an individual’s ability to communicate effectively and efficiently on different online platforms.
  • It helps in promoting an individual’s website. 
  • It also helps people to focus on their questions which also involves an individual’s website to answer a question whenever possible.
  • It helps in reputation building of a particular company or a website, thus by answering a question with some authority and power.
  • It is a phenomenal method of creating crowdsource content for a website or a company to ask great questions and set up a good conversation among them at the same time.


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