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How to Get Started With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing or online marketing or internet advertising whatever an individual calls it, markets an individual’s company online serves to be a big deal these days. Over the past decade, usage of the internet has doubled after all. This shift has mainly affected how an individual purchases products and interacts with other individual’s businesses also. Digital marketing seems to appear like other types of marketing. It serves to be a way to connect and collaborate with and influence their prospective customers. The real difference appears to be that an individual can connect and collaborate with and influence those available customers online. 

Online advertising is delivered mainly through different digital channels or means like search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these digital media channels or means, it is generally a process by which several companies inscribe goods, services, products and brands.

Consumers or customers deliberately depend on several online channels to research on various products, services and brands. It serves as a huge system of channels for which marketers or influencers can simply engage their brands. A digital marketing expert is a person who works for a company’s marketing team to identify their target market, create their brand image, maintain a digital or marketing campaign for the internet or web based technologies.

A number of companies turn towards the web to generate more and more sales and leads. The need for the experts in the company for digital marketing seems to have never been greater. It serves to be a fast paced and evolving industry that seems to have a lot of challenges that it needs to face. Apart from this, it also contains a number of rewards such as a potentially lucrative income, etc. If an individual has to switch their gears and get themselves indulge into digital marketing, then it seems to be the right time now to do this. And it seems quite lucky for them also. It is not mandatory to have a traditional degree to get started for digital marketing. 

Mainly, digital marketing refers to the assets and efforts of any online marketing. Some of the examples of digital marketing includes Email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, blogging, etc. These all examples of digital marketing help to introduce people to an individual’s respective companies and then convince them to buy their products and services. 

Digital marketing assets:-

Anything that is available on digital platform seems to be adding an asset to digital marketing. It simply needs to be a tool of marketing that an individual can use online for a product or service. It is being said that many people don’t actually realize how much assets digital marketing seems to have at their time of disposal. Here are some of the examples:- 

  • An individual’s website/blog.
  • Branded assets such as logos, icons, acronyms, etc.
  • Video content like video ads, product demos, etc.
  • Images such as infographics, product shots, company photos, etc.
  • Written content like blog posts, eBooks, product descriptions,  testimonials, etc.
  • Online products and tools such as SaaS, calculators, interactive content, etc.
  • Social media pages.
  • Reviews.

As an individual can probably imagine, this above mentioned list just scratches out the surface. Many of the assets of digital marketing seem to fall into any one of the above mentioned categories. Apart from these, many of the clever marketers come up with new methods to reach their customers online, that’s what the list keeps on growing.

Strategies of digital marketing:-

Below mentioned are some of the digital marketing strategies that most of the businesses are using:-

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising:- It seems to be a broad term that covers and manages any kind of digital marketing where an individual pays for every user who mainly clicks on any of the advertisements.
  • Paid search advertising:- It serves to be one of the best ways to target prospective customers who are actively engaging themselves to search for a product or services like others.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization:- If an individual doesn’t want to pay to show up in the SERPs, then they can also utilize SEO to try and then rank page or blog posts on an individual’s site organically.
  • Paid social media advertising:- It seems to be great for building awareness and connection with the audiences that may not be aware that their business, services or products exist among them.
  • Social media marketing:- It serves to be the free, organic way to utilize various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to market an individual’s business.
  • Email marketing:- It seems to be the oldest form of marketing that is still going strong for themselves.

Marketing is an integral part of any business enterprise. Digital marketing is also important for the businesses and startups because of the following reasons:-

  1. It allows the startups to boost their visibility.
  2. It helps them to enhance online conversion rates.
  3. It helps in reducing their marketing budget.
  4. It helps in generating leads.
  5. It helps in increasing sales of the startups.
  6. It helps in developing awareness for their brand.
  7. It helps in increasing online rates of conversion.
  8. It also seems to be quite useful in improving customer engagement.
  9. It is also helpful in influencing purchasing decisions of the startup.
  10. It also helps in tracking their return on investment. 
  11. It provides inexpensive customer research to the startups.
  12. It helps in engaging more clients.
  13. It uses metrics to drive the success of a startup.
  14. It helps in developing the right digital marketing approach for the startups.
  15. A mobile optimization strategy serves to be a necessity for the startups.
  16. Content serves to be a major part of any digital marketing strategy.
  17. It also helps in thinking beyond the basic pay-per-click ads.
  18. It also helps in optimizing the conversion rate.
  19. It helps the startup to easily and effectively reach their target customers.
  20. It serves to be cost-effective and that too measurable.
  21. It helps in analyzing the competitors and what they are up to.
  22. It helps in mobile marketing.
  23. It allows the startups to engage with their customers.
  24. It levels the playing field, by allowing the startups to be more competitive.
  25. Startups should easily and quickly adapt the digital marketing strategies and tactics to get and secure better results for them.
  26. It also helps the startups to connect with the mobile customers.
  27. SEO and local SEO helps the startup to reach more qualified buyers online.
  28. If the customers are on social media then digital marketing helps the startups to reach them.
  29. Most startups initiate their buyer’s journey online.
  30. It allows the startup to target their ideal buyers.
  31. It serves to be the most measurable form of marketing for the startups.
  32. Several tactics of digital marketing serve to be the most cost-effective way to market the startups.
  33. Digital marketing serves to be the most powerful form of marketing for startups.
  34. It is important for customer relationships and loyalty.
  35. It serves to be a promise of longevity for the startups.
  36. It helps in establishing the identity of the startups.
  37. It helps in increasing the exposure and traffic for the startups.
  38. It helps in developing loyal customers for the startups.
  39. It helps in the establishment of thought leadership.
  40. It helps in improving search rankings.
  41. It serves to be a cohesive strategy for the startups.
  42. It helps in better understanding of the customers.
  43. It includes true engagement for the startups.
  44. It helps in increment in lead age.
  45. It helps in reputation management of the startups.
  46. It helps in optimizing the change rate of the startups.
  47. It helps in increasing the visibility of the startups.
  48. It helps in tracking the ROI of the startups.
  49. It helps in boosting the online conversions of the startups.

Here is list of important action steps that an individual can take right now to start their career in digital marketing:-

  • Create online presence:- In the recent days and time, when it comes to landing a job in any particular field, an individual can not exist well without an online presence. For simple reasons, this is especially true for digital marketing. A potential employer will move to look online first to learn and know about their applications and if they aren’t able to find and search for them, then they will simply move to the next person who seems to have a more curated image and reputation of them. An individual must create their own digital marketing blog along with the social media accounts that are linked and connected to the websites that they have built for them, including portfolios, etc. An individual must show them what he or she is really capable of.
  • Know the latest trends:- Digital marketing seems to be a career that is always on the move and always keeps on changing. If an individual chooses it as a career for them, then they need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends. The needs of digital marketing vary with the time. If an individual falls behind, then someone else will be able to take their place. An individual must attend virtual seminars, take online classes and they must do their best to stay ahead of the game instead of simply keeping up with it.
  • Use your own creativity:- Digital marketing really allows an individual to use creative, attractive and unique gifts in a number of ways. There seems to be a number of methods and systems that appear to be standardized for some particular applications. Instead, they can also add their personal flair to the projects that they have made making them more creative and attractive. Digital marketing is mainly established on creativity. So, if an individual seems to have any idea that they think will work for them, then they must give it a try. The more creative an individual is, the more likely they will be noticed and they will land themselves in that dream job.
  • Create a winning resume:- Before an individual starts to apply for the jobs, they must make sure to create a dynamic and winning resume just to show that how valuable their skills are. There seems to be various types of resumes. An individual must not limit themselves to just only one type. Rather than they must create different types of resume for them, especially when they are working in a creative and unique industry like digital marketing, etc. An individual must go online and check out the various examples of resumes mainly for the professionals of digital marketing and they must tailor theirs around them.
  • Get out there and network:- It seems quite important for an individual to get their name out there. Networking seems to be the best and ideal way to do this. This not only helps people in remembering them, but it will also give an individual to give them great connections that will help them in many specific areas or sectors over their career. People might also know where they can get particular training whereas others seem to have a lead on the available great jobs for them. An individual will also be able to learn from their experience that they have and they can also build a list of experts that they can use to put together a great and perfect team.
  • Learn about analytics:- In order to know how successful an individual’s marketing campaigns are, they need to understand and know about analytics. The analytics seems to be the data that shows how well or how poorly an individual’s marketing campaign is going and helps them to figure out various aspects to make things better next time. An individual doesn’t have to go college for a professional degree rather than there seems to be a number of online classes that an individual can take on their own suitable time that will simply help them to learn and know about the analytics, it’s working and how to use them in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Get hands-on experience:- The only method by which an individual will get their career going is just by gaining more and more experience for themselves. An individual might have to do some unpaid jobs, but this seems to be a worthwhile time investment along with the long term benefits of it. Using any skills that an individual acquires can help their friends and community organizations along with the available projects and thereafter take on all types of side jobs that will give them a lot of experience that they can draw on when they need to start applying for long-term digital marketing jobs.
  • Say “Yes” to opportunity:- In the previous point, we have already talked about how to do free jobs. An individual can’t stress enough on how important it is to do anything or something that will give them the experience they need to land their first digital marketing job. Take some free jobs or those jobs that other digital marketers don’t like to do for themselves. Determine that an individual can take on and make the best of any of the available projects and be successful in their own endeavors. Not only will this help an individual to gain experience but also it helps to show how willing he or she is willing to work hard.
  • Get trusted certification:- Anyone can indulge themselves into the various aspects of digital marketing with a University degree or a professional degree but the candidates who serve to get better positions are those people who have a certification in the course of digital marketing. There seems to be a number of classes that an individual can take that will help them to prepare for the certification exams. If an individual is really serious about making their career in digital marketing, then they should get certified as soon as possible. This helps them to make them stand out in a crowd of digital marketers that may help to gain experience but definitely not certified.
  • Be prepared for entry-level jobs:- No one seems to start at the top in any career, it doesn’t matter how much training, skills and experience that they may have with them. An individual may not get the job that they want right away, but they will get there if they work for it. An individual will likely start out as an assistant, or a junior digital marketer, until they are able to prove that they are able to take on more responsibilities and that they seem to work hard in order to succeed in the chosen career path for themselves. 

Here are some of the tips and tricks to become a successful digital marketing expert.

  • You should know about what they’re talking about to have a clear view of what they have to do.
  • After knowing, you must develop and build a powerful and effective digital marketing strategy.
  • You should also keep their digital marketing strategy well and relevant.
  • You must also assess the business performance on a regular basis.
  • You should make decisions that are based on data and information gathered.
  • You should also try to give priority to quick wins.
  • You should encourage leads through their buyer’s journey.
  • You must always try to keep a keen focus on the results.
  • You must create better graphics for their ads.
  • You should not misread and misunderstand their reporting.
  • You must always avoid the overlapping of audiences.
  • You must always explore new ways and methods to increase their conversions and conversion rates.
  • You should use an engagement tracker to know about their company or brand’s engagement.
  • You must always pick the right platform to serve the right public at the right time.
  • You should always try to push beyond their comfort zone with new and advanced tactics.
  • You should also establish and develop a clear marketing message.
  • You should use social selling even in B2C sales.
  • You must develop a highly efficient sales method.
  • You also know where to use inbound approach and where to use outbound approach.
  • You should optimize their outbound approach using their inbound approach.
  • You must use highly content/collateral in their sales methods.
  • You must always be consultative with others.
  • You should understand the process and methods of ranking.
  • You must try to produce more work in less time, ie., quality work.
  • You should establish a clear marketing message.
  • You must always be educating so as to educate others whenever required.
  • You must also prepare several strategies for blogging.
  • You must keep a keen focus on creating a full inbound funnel.
  • A digital marketing expert must have the ability to make their company on board.
  • You should also use several social media platforms to keep their customers happy and satisfied.
  • You must also understand their threshold for success.
  • You should also learn about the methods to scale like a pro.
  • They should also learn to track cart abandonment.
  • They should also move beyond ads managers.
  • You should also learn how to build better landing pages for their ads.
  • You should also know how to chase abandoned carts.
  • You should always give priority to retention.
  • You should establish the perfect frequency.
  • A digital marketing expert should eat, sleep and breathe the fundamentals.
  • You should also test the performance of the landing page on a regular basis.
  • You should also follow the fundamentals for a successful website design.
  • You should also work with influencers.
  • You should establish a community.
  • You should always focus on their mobile phones.
  • You should always use the right marketing automation platform.
  • You should also ensure that their branding speaks to their ideal buyer.
  • You should also track the right KPIs.
  • You must also audit their marketing program on a regular basis.
  • You should also understand that when it serves to be beneficial to move from MQL to SQL.
  • You should also attend several networking events.
  • You should learn from digital marketing brands and entrepreneurs.
  • You should also connect themselves with like minded individuals.
  • You should also go for a digital marketing internship.
  • You should become a member of a professional body.

The tips mentioned above are used by an individual to become a successful digital marketing expert which will help them to grow, develop, learn and excel as a digital marketer, on both the online and offline platforms.

No, digital marketing hasn’t lost its shine and sparkle

It has also become more critical for any business to grow and develop more than before. Business requires a dire need of digital marketers who tend to have the right skills. It also struggles to find the right people. For this, an individual might wonder if any business requires the right people, then why they didn’t hire any particular or needy individual. An individual might have all the required skills are he or she is also an SEO expert or a social media marketer or a Google Ads specialist or a Facebook Ads specialist and that’s only the problem.

Specialists are for big companies with huge marketing departments.

Startups, product companies, and small & medium businesses require different types of digital marketers. Digital marketers who seem to be quite specialists in a topic or more than a topic. But, those individuals who also know the different concepts of digital marketing. They don’t need that individual:-

  • who just only knows about the optimization of websites for search engines.
  • who can only run ad campaigns on various search+display networks.
  • who can only run ad campaigns on facebook or LinkedIn.
  • who can only make 5 posts in a day or shares quotes and links.

Instead they want someone:-

  • who can have the ability to optimize the website for several users and conversations.
  • who has the ability to run a 360 degree digital campaign that reaches the audience at all the touchpoints.
  • who can run an Awareness-Engagement-Conversion matrix campaign or evergreen Facebook ads campaign that seems to maximize their conversions and ROI.
  • who can write great and best posts on social media that receive more engagement, comments, or shares and use various social media platforms to reach out to their target customers or target audience to know their pains and problems.
  • who doesn’t seem to stop with setting up an emails campaign but also works on various deliverability of emails, inbox placement, receives more opens & clicks and so on.


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