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Grow Followers On Instagram

Instagram is like a simplified version of Facebook, with an emphasis on mobile use and visual sharing. Like other social networks, you interact with other users on Instagram by following them, being followed by them, commenting, liking, tagging, and private messaging. You can also save the photos you see on Instagram.
There is so much to know about Instagram, here’s a list of helpful articles to help you navigate the social media platform. The Ultimate Guide to Instagram will help you uncover the most hidden tricks of the platform and help you connect with others in different ways. Instagram is available for free on both android and iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android like phones and tablets from Google, Samsung and many more.
Here are few tactics to get more followers on Instagram :
1. Engage audience on a regular basis while also growing your number of real followers.
2. Posting new, indulging, interesting and engaging photos which will satisfy the first requirement.
3. Use hashtag for your posts. Hashtagging your photos makes it easy for people to find your photos that are searching for those specific terms. Just like with Twitter and other social sites, users on Instagram use certain hashtags over others.
Here are the current top hashtags on Instagram:
1. #instadaily
2. #photooftheday
3. #instablogger
4. #istafashion
5. #happy
6. #like4like
7. #tbt
8. #followme
9. #follow
10. #repost
4. Avoid the hashtags of desperation (#follow4follow, #follow, #followme, #followback). Just don’t do it.’

5. If you want to tag your photos properly, you’ll need to find and use the most relevant hashtags. This means working on the appropriate research makes you describe your brand properly and increase long-term engagement, new interested followers and sales. To find relevant hashtags, you can use a free online tool like IconoSquare or Websta to start.
6. Keep in mind that Instagram allows maximum of 30 hashtags per post. Make sure you revisit your hashtag keywords every few months to check that you’re using the best possible terms.
7. Doing the work researching, organizing and saving the most applicable and popular hashtags will save you a ton of time down the road, increase your engagement and help garner new followers
8. The Instagram community responds to certain photo filters more favorably than others. Use these preferred filters so that you can have an impact on your engagement.
9. You can get a lot of great insight from Instagram Analytics for Business accounts for free.
10. You can consider using a scheduling tool to schedule and automatically publish your posts for when your audience is the most engaged.
11. The best ways to find and attract a new followers is by seeking out your competitors page and get engaged with their audience. These people will show some level of interest in the products you carry simply by following your competitors account.
The four types of engagement on Instagram are:
· Follow a user
· Like a photo
· Comment on a photo
· Save the post

· Share the stories

12. Pay for posts that are to be sponsored and product reviews. All this optimized posting to your account is great but if you really want to make an impact, you need to take advantage of influencing marketer on Instagram, exposing your brand to a wider audience.
13. Besides hashtags, you can also make your Instagram posts and Stories discoverable by using geotags for your location, either the city you’re in or the venue where the photo or video was taken.
Locations not only have their own Instagram feed but also their own Story just like hashtags that you can contribute to when you use the location sticker in your own Stories.
14. People really enjoy what you put out on Instagram, but need a nudge before they actually follow you. Sometimes you just need to remind the users about the platform that they can subscribe to get more in the comments of a post.
15. Create trailers that tease what your account is about and for the posts. Organize your Stories into themes, explain your products through pictures and videos
16. Promote your products using swipe-up links and tap the link or poster.
17. Don’t be afraid to occasionally ask your audience to follow you. As the same way YouTubers ask their viewers to follow them at the end of their videos or subscribe either, you can also ask viewers to follow you for more content.
18. You can use captions into your content by pitching what your audience will get if they follow you or hinting at content that’s coming up that they won’t want to miss.
19. Align your content with trending topics or hashtags. This can improve discoverability and engagement.
20. If you’re on any other social media or at any public event, direct people to use your hashtag. Integrate online and offline campaigns by ensuring it’s listed on your other social profiles, on your website and in your emails. Use industry-specific hashtags.
21. You need to look beyond the one-word captions, obvious hashtags. Be funny, ironic, or outrageous- and avoid being BORING.
22. Collaborate with other influencers, work for brands and gain more followers.
23. Participate in massively popular conversations, go live and discuss on some relevant topics relevant to your niche.
24. Popular hashtags does not make up the bulk of your strategy. They attract a more general audience, but they do have their rightful place in your social media marketing success, as they can increase your exposure and generate engagement, possibly endearing new followers to you.
25. Make the most of your bio URL. Change it up consistently at least bi-weekly and use that clickable link in your bio to drive traffic to your newest or most popular content.
26. If you only want to feature the best high quality and user-generated content about you or your brand your Instagram profile, you can. Remove the irrelevant tagged photos from the site entirely, by choosing “Edit Tags,” selecting the ones you want to remove and choosing “Hide from Profile”.
27. Adjust your settings so any potentially embarrassing tagged photos won’t show without your approval.
28. Develop your own unique, recognizable visual style. Figure out how you want to stand out and make it so.
29. Visit the places to see what’s happening locally in your city or your neighborhood. Target in ads or an event in a certain location.
30. Use a call to action to tell people what you want them to do with your posts. Find clever ways to get people to share your content.

Instagram has become a cornerstone of social presence, driving profitable traffic to landing pages, growing conversions and building an engaged audience. The larger your audience grows, the more opportunities you will get and create unique experiences for them.


Instagram is a social networking site that allows its users to post photos, animations, GIFs, videos of various lengths. On 5th of August 2020, Instagram launched INSTAGRAM REELS for its users. Instagram provides its users the following options to share their content:
1. Stories of 10sec video that disappears within 24 hours, unless the user decides to save it in the highlights (that are shown in the person’s profile)
2. Post videos of length between 3 seconds and one minute. These videos are visible on the users profile. The user can also add a caption to the post if he wishes to. The followers can like and comment on these posts if they wish to.
3. Instagram released IGTV videos on June 20, 2018. This option is for people who wish to post long videos on their profile without getting to cut them in parts. There is a separate tab for IGTV videos in a users profile.
Instagram Reels were first introduced in Brazil, in November 2019. Reels allows its users to record short videos using original sounds or pre existing sound clips from other posts. These are 15 second videos for entertainment. One can record their videos, add audio, AR effects, and edit them on Instagram.
Eye catchy videos one can post on reels:
1. Fashion videos
2. Entertainment video
3. Easy recipes
4. DIY ideas on clothes, food, room decoration , nail art, hairstyles
5. Art videos
6. Makeup videos
Number of followers tell others a lot about you, a person with a good number of followers is more likely to get good promotional works, while sharing your profile and collaborating is a very common way to gain followers, the recently introduced reels have helped people to gain a lot of followers.
If a person has a public account, one can easily promote their reels which will be visible to other users in the “explore” section of the series. You have to increase your interaction with users. Using hashtags and popular songs help a lot of people see your reels. Tag as many people as possible, try to tag famous personalities on Instagram, they have a lot of followers, which allows more people to see your content. One must make trend setting videos that are actually useful or entertaining to its viewers. It is a very nice way to express oneself, the more number of views ensure the visibility in the explore section.

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