50+ Powerful Hacks To Grow Business Through Facebook

Grow Business Through Facebook

Are you one of the business owners who has tried and tested traditional media since ages? If yes then you must be definitely looking ways to go beyond traditional media and try new avenues to hit the target audience. For them, you should certainly explore on how to grow business through Facebook. If not then this blog will add a value to your digital trajectory.

Facebook serves to be a vital marketing tool for growing businesses. As it seems to be one of the most visited sites in the world, it serves to be an important marketing tool for various owners of the business who want to engage their existing customers and try to attract new ones to grow business through Facebook. The fundamental of proper Facebook utilization includes curating and creating content that appeals the audience. In order to maximize an individual’s business’s or company’s reach, it also offers multiple tools for promotion.

Tips & Tricks On How to Grow Business Through Facebook

  1. Create a Business Page: You ought to create a business page of your products, services or a cause instead of a personal profile. Here is how you an create a Facebook page:-
    • By just signing up.
    • By creating a username.
    • By just entering your basic information.
    • By just entering your basic information.
    • By adding more and more photos.
    • By just telling your story regarding business.
    • By educating your audience about your business.
  2. Page Recognition: You must create and claim your page’s recognizable URL that will help you to grow business through Facebook.
  3. Engaging Cover Photo:- You must also add a great and engaging cover photo to capture the attention of new visitors just by encouraging them to explore and learn more and more.
  4. Clear Profile Picture: You should add a recognizable profile photo that seems quite easy for the visitors to recognize a company’s logo, headshot, etc. The dimensions for profile photos required by Facebook is 180 pixels by 180 pixels.
  5. Optimize “About” Section: You must optimize your “About” section especially the preview as an individual’s about section serves to be the first place where people will have a look when they simply arrive on your page.
  6. Quick Response to Messages: You must try to earn a “Very responsive to messages” badge by responding quickly to the user’s messages.
  7. Add Milestones: Try to add the feature of milestones as it helps an individual to highlight their business biggest achievements such as award wins, product releases, major events, etc.
  8. Add Call to Action: Try to choose a very handy feature of Facebook known as call to action which appears at the top of the Facebook page.
  9. Create Custom Pages: You should create custom page tabs, similar to landing pages available within Facebook.
  10. Post Consistently:  You must post consistently to be on top mind of your followers.
  11. Avoid Publishing Disasters: You must try to avoid publishing mishaps with the page roles.
  12. Create Events: Create events in a regular to engage your customers regularly.
  13. Uploads on Timeline: You should try to post and upload more photos and videos on the timeline.
  14. Figure Out Perfect Timings For Posts:  You must also try to analyze the ideal and perfect timing that gets higher reach from your audience.
  15. Frequency of Posts: You must focus on the frequency of posts as it plays a huge role in creating your brand image in the viewers mind.
  16. Geo Tagging: By tagging location you can increase visitors to your posts.
  17. Pin Important Posts: You should try to pin all the important and relevant posts to the top of the page.
  18. Auto Responder: Whenever anyone sends you a message, they should get a welcome message from your end. This helps in developing a courteous relation with your audience.
  19. Revert On Comments: You need to monitor and respond to all the comments available on the page.
  20. Promote Your Page: You should promote your page to generate and to enhance more and more followers.
  21. Update Regularly: An individual must also try to upload or post something on the regular basis.
  22. Create Engaging Posts: Try to engage the followers within the posts that will create more and more engagement.
  23. Content is King: You must try to write amazing and unique content for the Facebook audience. They can also create a compelling content just by-
    • Posting a number of content on the page.
    • Ending each and every post with a question to boost the levels of engagement.
    • Using contests in every moderation.
  24. Use Facebook Features Well: Try to use all the features available on Facebook not just pages, such as:-
    • Facebook live
    • Facebook video 
  25. Offer Discounts: Try to offer some discounts as it serves to be another way to grow a business via Facebook. Here are some of the approaches to give away discounts such as:-
    • Like a page to get a discount.
    • Like a product for a discount .
  26. Boost Your Posts: You must try to use more and more promoted posts. While promoting posts, keep in mind-
    • To capture more emails for your mailing list.
    • You are running targeted social media contents. 
    • You are giving away something useful and important that fans will simply like and they will usually tell their friends and near and dear ones.
  27. Customer Service on Top: An individual must try to make customer service to simply serve their things.
  28. Use Insights: Try to use Facebook insights to understand what content works well for your business.
  29. Target Your Audience: You should try to promote relevant and useful content among the target audience.
  30. Turn Cold Leads to Hot Leads: You must try to turn your fans into customers. Start with the cold leads and turn them to warm leads and further convert them to hot leads.
  31. Acquire Fresh Customers: Try to motivate more and more people so that an individual’s business will reach wider audiences and gain new customers.
  32. Explore Trending Content: Everyday, every hour, every minute, every single second something or the other goes on in the internet. You should be well versed with the trending topics and try to serve a go-to-place for receiving great content.
  33. Focus on Quality than Quantity: Try to give more priority to quality of content rather than quantity of content.
  34. Post at the Right Time: You should post while keeping in mind the best time for your audience.
  35. Strategize Your Content: You must chalk out the post with the best content strategy.
  36. Fill Meta Description Well: You must also make sure that your blog posts’ meta descriptions are complete and well reflects the purpose of your blog.
  37. Link Posts to Other Social Channel: You should add the weblinks of other social media channels on your Facebook posts. This helps in improving multi-channel communication. 
  38. Develop Visual Content: You must try to develop video format of your written piece of communication.
  39. Post the most compelling visual content: Visual content is a very powerful means of communicating your content to the audience. The well-thought script, voice modulation and visual portrayal, impacts the audience positively.
  40. Format Images: You must also make sure that their images are correctly formatted or not.
  41. Live videos: Try to post videos, and that too live videos as it provides authenticity. 
  42. Schedule Your Posts: You must schedule your Facebook posts in advance to never miss a single posting.
  43. Add Facebook Icon: Add Facebook button to your blog and website so that your followers can land on your right profile and keep a track on essential information provided by you.
  44. Subscribe to Facebook Blog: You must subscribe to Facebook’s Official Blog for future announcements from Facebook as it helps in keeping yourself updated about the new ongoing events happening in the Facebook ecosystem.
  45. Advertising Tool: You must always choose the right advertising tool in Facebook for growing your business.
  46. Audience Insight: Try to use more and more audience insights to learn and know about your audience.
  47. Test Your Ads: Try to test multiple versions of a single Facebook ad.
  48. Advertise Efficiently: You should try to use Facebook ads to increase visitors on your site to sell a product or service.
  49. Retarget Your Audience: You can retarget your existing followers/subscribers through Facebook advertisements.
  50. Obtain Business Reviews: You must also try to get reviews of your business on Facebook.
  51. Report Spam: You must report fake Facebook reviews and spam messages on appearing on your page or posts.
  52. Include Testimonials: You should include Facebook reviews on your website. This shows cross-channel authenticity.

By properly optimizing Facebook business page, you can claim your success through small steps. You just need to take a step or two daily to achieve a great milestone.

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