Face-lifting the Brand Image through Digital Media

Brand image is simply the reputation of a brand. How various customers think about the brand or the different perception created for the brand in the minds of the customers. It is something that depends on customer feedback. According to Kotler, image is the set of beliefs, ideas, and impressions that a person holds regarding an object. So , according to this definition, brand image is the set of beliefs, ideas and impressions that a person holds regarding that brand. Some examples of brand image are:-

  • Coca-Coca:- It is a brand name for soft drinks that are used to express joy, happiness, etc. It has an unique and distinct taste from others.
  • McDonald’s:- It is a brand name for food products, especially chicken items that serves food very quickly.
  • Walmart:- It is a retail brand that sells goods at a price lesser than other retailers.

Importance of Brand Image:-

Every company wants to build a strong and reputed image of their brand or company. A good and strong brand image helps a business, a brand or a company to fulfill or achieve their goals and objectives. Having a strong brand can have the following benefits:-

  • It helps in building a strong and well established relationship between business and customer.
  • It helps in boosting the confidence of pre existing customers by retaining them 
  • It helps in increasing the profits of the company as many new customers are attracted by the products and services of the brand.
  • It seems quite easy to introduce various new products under the same brand.

It is not an easy task to build a strong and reputed image of the brand or company among its customers. It needs a lot of effort and hand work in creating a good and strong brand image. To handle everything in a well established manner, digital media can be a fruitful and productive platform for one’s brand. With the help of various forms of digital media, loyal and trustworthy customers can come up using different analytics. Also, people can be able to easily communicate with the customers and develop a bond with them. As the digital media is in trend and in great demand nowadays, digital media marketing seems to be the best plan of action to facelift the brand image. 

The benefits of face-lifting the brand image through digital media are:-

  • Digital media helps a brand and its products to reach more target audience.
  • As this is an internet or digital era, now more people can know about the brand and its products.
  • It also leads to higher brand recognition because of its presence in multiple digital channels.
  • It helps to nurture your contacts through the full customer journey, i.e., from the awareness phase to becoming brand ambassador.
  • It also helps customers in the recognition of the brand so that they choose their products wisely.
  • It helps to maintain trust with its customers.
  • As it helps in the recognition of a brand, the credibility of the brand increases among the customers and industry.

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