One can not image a blog without content. A content writer is one who sows seeds to make a plantation evergreen, blushing high with pride. As a farmer, handpicks seeds to sow after ploughing the land and adds manure to the land to make it fertile, the same way a content writer picks and chooses appropriate words, images and other essential elements that is required to make a blog unique and to the point.

Content writing is a fuel to the engine of blogging. As a content writer you need to know which combustible combinations should be clubbed to illuminate your content. Let your content sparkle in the crowded blogosphere.

Plentiful blogs come out daily in the blogosphere but out of them only few of them follow some protocols for the branding of their blogs. Everyday hundreds of new bloggers appear with the passion to make money online through blogging.  The newbies don’t know the strategies required to excel and become a successful blogger. It seems to be an easy profession but maintaining a blog requires discipline. For blogging, an individual must take care of the following points such as:-

  • Online Paid Promotion
  • Content Marketing
  • Monetization
  • SEO
  • Social Signals

Below mentioned are important content writing tips for blogging:- 

  1. Know Your Audience:- First and foremost step is to know your audience well and plan your content strategy accordingly.
  2. Appealing Headline:- After knowing your audience, write a compelling headline that well enumerates your blog. The headline is first look that attracts or distracts the viewers. Craft a great headline in such a way that readers or viewers can not withstand.
  3. Pick Interesting Topic:- Unless you choose a mouthwatering and interesting topic for writing a blog, it will not grab the readers eyeballs.
  4. Engaging Content:- Your content must be catchy that it has the ability to engage the human senses well. Many a times a writer does not bothers how the audience will perceive a particular content and writes a uni-directional content. Instead you should try to write content that engages the readers.
  5. Address a Problem:- Try to give a solution through your content because teasers don’t satisfy.
  6. Master a Writing Style:- While writing content, you should rock a typical writing style and then try for new. If you try to write on each and every topic then there are chances where you might miss something that is required for a particular tone of content.
  7. Keyword Research:- Start with researching relevant keywords for your blog. Appropriate keywords help a blog to stand out from the crowd.
  8. Most Shared Post:- After searching a keyword, then try to research and find out the most shared posts using this keyword.
  9. Relevant Questions Related to Niche:- Find questions that you can answer about the keyword using Quora.
  10. Intro should be Bang-on:- Write an introduction that grabs the attention of the readers and seduces them. A compelling introduction enforces the viewers to read the full blog.
  11. Add Page-Breaks:- To break up the page, add subheadings in between the blog.
  12. Crisp Paragraph:- The paragraphs must be short and smooth. Rather than writing lengthy paragraphs.
  13. Write Listicles:- Use bullet points to attract the readers. While writing blogs, one should also remember that bullets are not sentences, it is just similar to the headline pointers.
  14. Add Images:- Add relevant interesting images that will attract readers. Many a times, too much content disinterests the readers so you need to include pictures that goes well with the blog. 
  15. Grammatically Correct:- Make sure that your content is grammatically correct. If the readers find grammatical errors in the content then thy start doubting the quality of content.
  16. Increase the Viewership Channels:- Post your content on various  online channels that is relevant to your niche.
  17. Optimize your blog for SEO:- For this you need to follow the tips mentioned below:-
    • Try to include a proper meta title in your blog.
    • Try to include a proper meta description in your blog.
    • Revamp for focused keywords.
    • To all the images inserted in your blog, just add alt-text to them.
    • Place internal links to your other content.

18. Plagiarism Test:- You should check your content for plagiarism so that it does not tallies with any similar content. You need to be sure that your content is not a copy of any other content sources that is present digitally.

19. Call To Action (CTA):- Add a clear call to action to your blog so that the readers have a clarity in mind as to what actions they need to take that benefits them.

20. Add Infographics:- Design infographics that will support your blog content.

21. Add Videos:- Create videos that is related to your content. Try to search for relevant videos related to the topic to play in the blog.

22. Add External Links:- Try to compose different resources and that to link in your article or blog.

23. Collaborate:- Try to collaborate with influencers in your niche. This will leverage the viewership of your content. 

24. Develop eBook:- Take a bunch of blogs in a particular category and develop it in the form of an eBook.

25. Animate Your Content:- Adding animations and graphics to your content makes it  more eye-catchy.

26. Indulge a table of contents:-Table of contents enumerates well about the content structure of your blog.

27. Clickable Tweets:- Create different clickable tweets for your blog.

28. Include LSI Keywords:- Try to encompass LSI keywords in your blog post.

29. Relevant Screenshot:-  You should include apt screenshots in your blog. In case you are writing a blog on step-by-step method to do a particular thing then you can describe the procedure well by including screenshot of every step.

30. Callout Boxes:- Infuse callout boxes in your blog with a message that leads the readers to take an action.

31. Quality Over Quantity Rules:- When you write a quality content for your blog it is likely to have more impact on the readers.

These are some of the content writing tips for blogging that an individual must follow while writing blogs. By following these steps you will not only excel your skills in writing a blog but also will learn a step to monetize your blogging career.

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