Content Marketing: Need of the Hour

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Humans in the digital planet are surrounded by zillions of content. Every online user is  bombarded with a content every microsecond. Online content is increasing and will keep increasing every single day, every single hour as the online users are increasing simultaneously.

Content marketing involves creating and sharing of online materials such as videos, blogs, vlogs, articles, podcasts, various social media posts, etc. It does not only aim at promoting a brand but its main focus area is to attract the target audience for its desired products and services.

Content marketing is used to create potential customers for brand with specific set of goals and objectives for their company, business or brand. Blog posts, Social media posts, Email newsletters, Photos, Podcasts, Videos, Instructional, Event, Recordings, Micro-videos: Vine, E-books, Webinars etc. are the prominent examples of content marketing. The enterprises using content marketing has following benefits:-

  • You can feature relevant information about your product or service through your content.
  • The dynamic feature of content enables it to reach user as per their requirement.
  • Apt content helps in increasing the sales of the product or service.
  • By building lots and lots of content around your product or services helps you to save cost in paid promotions.
  • Content marketing serves loyal services to its customers.
  • Specific content helps in tribe building.

Quality content is the main foundation of content marketing. In digital platform, you need to focus on the points given below:

  • Social media marketing:- Before social media marketing, first comes the content marketing strategy. Social media platforms are conquering the digital space by engaging more and more users every day. Once the user registers in a particular platform, he is glued to it. Here is where the content strategy plays important role by pitching and pushing content what is of interest for the reader or viewer. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):- It rewards those who give and publish quality content without any plagiarism. The more your content is there in the digital platform the more your chances are to stand out from the crowd.
  • Digital PR:- PR helps to maintain goodwill with people using apt content around their product or service.  Through strategic planning you can reach to every nook and corner.
  • Inbound marketing:- Content is the center stone of inbound marketing. This technique helps brands to attract customers towards their product or services by involving digital marketing mix. 
  • Paid Promotions:- You need to have quality content that will work with paid promotions. No matter how much amount you spend on advertising your content through through various digital platforms, you need to have a copy that hits the consumer psyche. You just can not rely on paid advertising without giving a quality content.


Online users keep getting notifications every now and then in various platforms. It is impossible to reach right people without great and accurate content. Therefore, you need to implement content marketing strategy to succeed. 


While building a strong pillar of content, the first thing you need to focus on is doing research. You need to know in and outs of your product and service very well. Accordingly, figure out phrases and keywords that is related to your business to design a SEO-friendly content. 


Building a website is similar to opening an offline store for your brand or service. Your website should clearly enumerate about your products and services. Try to include all the relevant information essential for your business in your website and keep updating it in a regular frequency. This enables your users with updated information and happenings around your business.


Whether you are selling an online or offline product you need to cautiously design the flow of content that reaches the right audience. There is no shortcut when it comes to content marketing as you need to have sufficient, relevant and updated information about your business. The only formula to succeed is content marketing is creating content consistently.


Defining a target audience is very important for your business. Any business who claims that everyone is my target audience is incorrect. For instance, a beauty soap product cannot claim that infants are their target audience. You need to clearly define your target audience to reach customers by building right content.


Customer feedback helps a business to improve and get better to serve better. You should take feedback from your customers time-to-time to check what type of content hits your target audience the most. You can change the line of communication if you get a feedback that does not attract your users. 


You need to experiment with your content to figure out what works best for your business. What type of content interests the most users enables you to build similar content with variations as and when required. 

Content marketing shares informative and relevant content with the public and its audience. 

Importance of Content Marketing:-

  • Content marketing helps to improve brand reputation.
  • Trust can be built through content marketing.
  • Great quality helps to improve conversations between the inner and outer public of the enterprise.
  • Conversion rates are 6 times higher in content marketing that digital marketing.
  • SEO efforts can also be improved through quality content.
  • It helps to create new leads for the brand or company.
  • Content marketing enables brands to showcase their skills and expertise in the respective field.
  • It helps to build relationships with customers by publishing great and quality content.
  • Customers and leads want great and quality content that can be read by them. Almost 20% of the time users spend online on the internet just by reading various contents.
  • It helps to build an unique identity by differentiating it’s own from competitors.
  • In the marketing funnel, content marketing is an important step.
  • It helps to support each and every digital marketing strategy.
  • It’s main focus is on just owning media rather than borrowing it.

Whether you are a creator or a consumer of content you should add filters while consuming content. This enables you to consume content which is of your interest area and you do not hustle with getting relevant content every time you go online. 

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