All colors are associated with some emotions, while there can be some cultural differences when it comes to the association, these are very general. For instance, Red is known to represent good luck in China but when it  comes to South Africa it’s the color of mourning. While Americans associate green with money as that is the color of dollar bills but that isn’t the case globally. Black is the color of mourning in Western countries, while it is white in some East Asian countries. In the US green is known as the color showing envy, while it is yellow in Germany. One  needs to be very sensitive, keeping in mind differences depending on where they are operating. As one can be very sensitive about these issues. The following article discusses the color philosophy in logo designing.

Understanding the colour philosophy helps you find a shortcut to win the heart of your audience. Colour meanings stems from biological conditioning, psychological effects, and cultural developments. The meaning of some colours are deeply rooted in our brains because they’re visible all around us. These associations are not told by anyone, they lie within us because of all the examples we see around us. There are many beliefs that are not very true, like the colour blue is for boys, pink is for girls. The following colour theory will help you understand the colour combination you can use for your logo in order to gain the attention of your potential clients. Here is a list of colours with their symbolization. 

  • Red is associated with the heat of energy, passion and love. It is the color of blood, power and danger. Red is a powerful color in branding. It helps to attract a lot of users. This can come out as a very bold and strong colour, but can be very useful in marketing. If you want your logo to stand out, you can use the colour red for your logo. 

Examples of some brands that use the colour red for their logo are Netflix, coca cola. 

  • Orange is for creativity, youth and enthusiasm. This colour is the combination of red and yellow. It has the heat of red with the playfulness of yellow. This colour is usually linked to oranges and vitamin C. Orange seems like a very youthful color as it brings out the element of vibrancy and fun.

Examples of some brands that use the colour orange for their logo are Gatorade, Nickelodeon,Fanta.

  • Yellow is a colour for happiness, positivity, hope and spontaneity. It is a great choice if you are looking for attributes like speed, fun and low cost for your brand. The bright yellow colour is the best yellow if you want to attract people. The dull one usually blends in, and does not highlight. Neon yellow looks artificial unless it is a lighting. If you are using it as a colour, neon yellow is a big nooo! 

Examples of  some brands that use the colour yellow in their logo are McDonald’s, maggi and snapchat. 

  • Green is a colour for nature, growth, harmony, wealth and stability. It also represents renewal and rebirth. In the US green is known to be associated with money as the colour of dollar is green. The colour green unconsciously makes the customers connect the product with nature. 

Examples of some brands that use the colour green in their logo are Starbucks, Spotify and Whole Foods Market.

  • Blue is for calm, trust, intelligence and responsibility. Blus is a very calming colour. Each shade of blue symbolizes different things, like the colour light baby blue symbolizes is peace, while dark blue can signify depth and power. Looking at the colour blue, the customers directly connect it with professionalism and trust. 

Examples of some brands that use the colour blue in their logo are facebook, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Dell, LinkedIn

  • Purple colour symbolizes for luxury, mystery and spirituality. It is not very warm, it is not very cool. This is a very luxurious colour. If you wish to add mysticism and spirituality in your logo, the purple colour will do the work for you. 

Examples of some brands that use the colour purple in their logo are yahoo, cadbury, hallmark, benq, fedEX. 

  • Pink colour is for femininity, playfulness and romance. This colour is mainly associated with girls. Some people say that it is a shortcut for saying “this is for women”. 

Examples of some brands that use the colour purple in their logo are Barbie, Cosmopolitan, Baskin Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts. 

  • Black colour symbolises elegance, sophistication and power. Black is known to be the most popular colour in graphic designing as it is very versatile. It shows exclusivity. Matte black especially is a very popular and trendy colour and looks good in logos. It is very bold and mysterious. Any logo looks good with either white, gold or silver with it.

Examples of some brands that use the black colour in their logos are The James Bond 007, Chanel and Dior 

  • Multicolor is for fun, diversity and optimism. It brings out the element of playfulness in the logo. This is usually used in kids brands, but there are several other adult brands which use the multicolour in their logo. 
  • Examples of some brands that use the multicolour in their logos are google, ebay, NBC.  


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