53 Tips to boost sales through Instagram stories

53 Tips to boost sales through Instagram stories

Instagram is a social networking site or a social media platform that accentuates photo and video sharing via its app, i.e. Instagram. People can take, edit, publish, and visualize content for their followers to interact with them through likes, comments and shares. With the time, Instagram has been among the fastest growing social media platforms. This social networking platform has gained over one billion active users in a very less time. Ove the time, this social media platform has changed itself from a simple photo sharing app to a powerful marketing tool that is used by most of the influencers and businesses to reach their target audience or potential customers. According to a survey conducted by Instagram business, 

  • Almost more than half of the Instagram users, i.e. 60% use this social media platform to discover and launch new products and services. 
  • From these users, about 80% of them are following at least one brand. 
  • 200 million accounts of Instagram on a daily basis check out a business profile for them. 
  • Around 66% of the profile visited are from non-followers.

Here are a set of important tips to boost sales through Instagram stories.

  1. First and foremost step is an individual must switch to a business profile ASAP.
  2. An individual must also use the free Instagram tools.
  3. An individual must also post product teasers that will (gently) urge people to buy.
  4. Try to create sponsored ads.
  5. Try to use Instagram stories.
  6. An individual must also partner themselves with influencers for a wider reach.
  7. They must also collect user-submitted photos.
  8. They should also come up with an interactive branded hashtag.
  9. An individual must also post at the right times and don’t over post.
  10. An individual must also make sure that they track the right metrics.
  11. An individual must use the swipe up feature.
  12. They must also try polls, questions, and swipe meters.
  13. They must drive the traffic to their feeds.
  14. They must also post stories on a daily basis.
  15. They must also use several hashtags.
  16. They must also be creative.
  17. They should also harness the power of mentions.
  18. They must post consistently on their stories.
  19. Then must not preach instead they should tell the stories.
  20. An individual must also build a strong brand.
  21. They must have a visually consistent feed.
  22. They must choose the right and required hashtags.
  23. They must also create branded hashtags.
  24. They should also focus on user generated content.
  25. They should also explore the full range of Instagram video formats.
  26. They must use Instagram video subtitles and closed captions.
  27. They should embrace Instagram AR filters.
  28. They should also take advantage of Instagram’s video ad formats.
  29. An individual must also give a chance to GIFs.
  30. They should also use SEO to win Instagram.
  31. They must also partner with micro influencers to create brand authenticity.
  32. They must also host an Instagram contest.
  33. They should convert Instagram followers into email subscribers.
  34. They should also embrace Instagram stories.
  35. An individual must also add a link to Instagram stories.
  36. They must also use emojis effectively.
  37. They must also promote their Instagram channel on other social accounts.
  38. They must also call to action everywhere.
  39. An individual must also track and learn from their best performing Instagram content.
  40. An individual must also use location stickers.
  41. They should also run story ads.
  42. An individual must also use Instagram story hashtag stickers.
  43. They should also encourage other users to create UGC.
  44. An individual must also be creative with their Instagram story designs.
  45. They should also show behind the scenes of their business.
  46. They should also encourage people to interact.
  47. They should also repurpose user-generated content with stories.
  48. An individual must also promote new product launches and offers.
  49. An individual must also partner with influencers for Instagram takeovers.
  50. They must also share their testimonials to increase their credibility.
  51. Use various location tags and hashtags.
  52. Try to use product stickers on Instagram stories.
  53. Make Clear & Crisp Videos for Instagram Reels

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