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Niche blog involves creating a blog with the purpose of catering to a particular market. Niche blogs or websites are sometimes focused to a specific area. The genre covered in this blogging niche can be a particular geographical area, a particular ethnicity, or a particular industry.

Every blog could be considered as a niche blog as it caters to one particular genre. You can monetize the niche blogs right away unlike the non-niche blogs with a host of options like Click Bank, Affiliate program of Bluehost, Hostinger and many more, or CPA.

Niche blogging is exactly where the profit lies. That should be a huge truth these days. With a niche blog, you can target a specific audience who will come to your site at regular intervals.

While most of the niche blogs come with affiliate links or the other form of pay per click options that makes them one of the best options to make money directly. The major purpose of niche blogs is to bring the reader to another website which then sells a product or service to the visitor. And make money by way of commission.

Niche blogs tend to get less traffic than the niche less blogs. But the importance of target audience makes them click enough as a base source. The traffic received by the niche websites is more likely to convert more than the untargeted blogs. Even when those blogs get a high volume of traffic, the rate of conversion would be considered low.

Time To Explore Your Blogging Niche

1.Travel Blog

  • Travel tips: Share your tips and tricks for traveling. Getting through long flights, packing efficiently, etc.
  • Language and travel: If you like learning languages, why not create a blog about it? Help your readers learn some basic words and useful phrases for their next trip. For even more value, create a few helpful PDF cheat sheets that your readers can print out!
  • Traveling for work: Do you work for an airline or just travel a lot for work? Use your layovers to capture the essence of each city and country. Share your stories with the world – you have a global audience waiting!

2. Health Blog

  • Nutrition : Try to help your readers achieve their goals and nourish their bodies with healthy foods and supplements. Provide them a proper information.
  • Meditation: Share your experience and tips for achieving a clear state of mind with meditation. Provide beginner-level guided meditations to attract new readers and grow your reach.
  • Mindfulness: This is a big thing in the health and wellness niche. Mindfulness is a great blog topic to make money online. Just share your tips for practicing mindful living in everyday life.
  • Mental health: Help your readers find the root causes of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Keep your tips simple and make sure you don’t give medical advice if you’re not a certified practitioner.
  • Skincare: There are plenty of skin health topics to write about. Acne and ageing are probably the most popular niches out there.

3. Fitness and Sports Blog

  • Yoga: This niche has incredible potential for making money by blogging. If you’re a certified yoga instructor, create a series of articles and publish them as an e-book.
  • Weight loss: Dieting and losing weight is an endless source of blog post ideas! It’s one of the most popular niches when it comes to starting a blog to make money.
  • Cycling: Write about the best biking trips in your region or make it into a travel blog on two wheels!
  • Running and marathons: Running is one of the most popular forms of exercising with huge global readership potential. Write about running tips and techniques, seasonal training for summer and winter, training for marathons, running equipment etc.
  • Hiking: Write about urban hiking, day trips, hiking challenges, or pilgrimage routes.
  • Personal training: This would be the ultimate traffic magnet for your blog. If you can write about exercising tips and offer workout and meal plans, you could make yourself a big name online. Write about fitness tips for busy people.

4. Hobbies Blog

  • Gardening: Tons of different areas to focus on: urban gardening, growing flowers, organic gardening, growing vegetables, etc.
  • Drawing: Create a series of articles where you teach your readers how they can become better at drawing.
  • Art: Share your own work or those of others. Give tips on where to go in your city for great art.
  • Music: Make your own music or blog about that of others. Teach your readers how to play an instrument!

5. Writing

Content Writing and Copywriting is a popular profession these days. Why not show your readers how they can become successful freelance writers, for instance? With increasing digital population world-wide traffic is increasing tremendously and so is the demand of this field had hiked subsequently.

6. Motorcycles

The two wheeled monster was and is always considered the first love of youngsters and is a personal favorite across all genres. Blog about the best models, vintage pieces, or maintenance advice, for example. This platform connects the riders to share their experience and connect with other riders.

7. Technology

With technical advancements, the activity on this topic is grabbing eyeballs of many. Writing about the latest gadgets, new technologies, tips and tricks for using them is of major interest area.

8. Programming and web development

Help your readers learn programming so that they can start new careers in the technology industry. Teach them the importance of computer application and technology.

9. Photography

You could offer photography tips and write a helpful beginner’s guide for taking beautiful photos. If you want to, you can niche down to portrait, nature, or product photography, for example.

10. Fashion

Blog about fashion trends, share your best looks, and establish yourself a name in the fashion blogosphere.

11. Astrologyy and Horoscopes

Writing about start signs is a great blog niche to sell personal horoscopes and teach your readers about astronomy.

12. Food and cooking Blog

  • Exotic cuisine: Share your favorite tips and recipes for preparing authentic meals from countries far away.
  • Cooking: Choose a niche and help your readers with easy but tasty recipes. How about blogging about 30-minute meals or affordable cooking for families, for example?
  • Home-cooked meals: We all love a delicious home-cooked meal, right? There’s just something about traditional cooking that warms our souls and makes us feel good. Share your family recipes and gather them together to publish a branded cook book!
  • Health foods, super foods: How to cook and eat to stay healthy? What seasonal foods should your readers focus on in each month of the year?
  • Baking: Bake and tell your way of making Muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, frosted cakes.
  • Kitchen equipment: Share your tips on which pots and pans to use. There are tons of utensils to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Write honest reviews and make sure to include affiliate links for your readers to click and buy the products right away.

13. Entertainment Blog

  • Movies: Review films, create lists with the best movies for each genre out there.
  • TV shows: Rate and review! If you’re using Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you can focus on a single streaming service and rate the most recent shows out there, for instance.
  • Theatre, opera, and ballet: Review pieces in your region or write about old and new pieces for your visitors to read and learn more about.
  • Upcoming events: Write about events that attract attention in a specific target group, such as families with kids, single guys and gals, or people looking to network within a certain industry, for example. The more people are interested in reading about them, the more traffic you get.

14. Gaming

  • Game walkthroughs and tips: Adventure games are the ideal candidates for walkthrough posts, like Tomb Raider.
  • Card and board games: Although not digital, playing cards and board games is still popular! Why not share your opinions on board games and make it into a blog where you review games.
  • Outdoor games: Get your readers out in the nature! Write an article about 50 different outdoor games for kids and publish the collection as an e-book. Sell it at a discount to schools!

15. Family and Housing Blog

  • Pregnancy and becoming parents: Write a series of blog posts about pregnancy! Every mother and father have a bunch of questions they need answers for during this time.
  • Saving money: Help parents come up with ideas for things they can do for free with their kids. Or how they can save money when doing groceries or buying clothes for their kids.
  • House garden: Write helpful how-to posts with tips about taking care of the house and garden. Renovation, makeovers and maintenance.
  • Homeschooling: Share your knowledge and experience about homeschooling.
  • Eco-friendly homes: Write about how to turn any apartment or house into an eco-friendly, green home. Also, you could blog about how your family takes care of the environment at home in your daily life.

16. Education and Career Guidance Blog

  • Career path advice: How to find your passion and the right career and job to fit?
  • Promotions and career coaching: Help your readers achieve their career goals more quickly.
  • Learning new skills: Teach Languages, management skills, IT & software skills.
  • Study hacks: Tell the tricks and hack to learn more efficiently in a unique way.
  • Competitive Exams Tips and Tricks: Telling the strategy to prepare for various competitive examinations and getting top scores is prime concern for many students. By helping the students and guiding them will not only help the students but also will help the website to grow in terms of traffic.

17. Social networks Blog

  • Instagram celebrities: How to become a social media celebrity on Instagram with thousands of followers, how to promote a page and earn profit
  • Mastering a social network: Tell how to boost your business on social media
  • Social media detox: Help your readers with their phone addiction.

Whatever you want to blog about, you can monetize any topic as long as there are enough readers you can reach.

Make sure you pick a blogging niche that can generate enough traffic. After that, it’s all about finding your own inspiration and motivation for writing about. As long as you write blog posts that your audience wants to read about, you’re all set for success!

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