51 Tips to get Backlink for your Website

51 Tips to get Backlink for your Website

Link building serves to be a never ending process in SEO. But with a very little creativity and smart tactics, these both can help an individual to extract great opportunities for the link and that too from their hiding spots. Backlinks serve to be the efficient method to get more and more traffic to their site from another site that has already been created backlink with them. It helps an individual to drive their traffic and engagement automatically whenever the website that seems to have their own links seems to get traffic, then the visitors of that particular website must visit them by just seeing their link on that website. Here are some of the tips to backlink for an individual’s website:-

  1. An individual should trust no one.
  2. They must build backlinks with patience and consistency.
  3. An individual must write the right guest posts for the right sites.
  4. An individual must don’t overlook for those websites that don’t have a write for us page.
  5. They must write for highly reputable websites in their niche.
  6. They must also write more than one time for each and every website.
  7. They must always link their social media accounts in the author bio of their articles.
  8. An individual must also not leave their footprints on their backlinks.
  9. An individual must guest post for websites with high authority of domain.
  10. They must also share their content on various social media platforms.
  11. An individual must also feature other brands by writing various testimonials and reviews.
  12. An individual must unlinked brand, product, name, etc. mentions.
  13. An individual must use google reverse images to unlink the images.
  14. They must also redirect their 404 pages using several backlinks.
  15. They must also keep their eye on recently lost links.
  16. An individual must also move their backlink targets.
  17. An individual must go through sites that list competitors but not any particular individual.
  18. An individual must also go through sites that offer topic/industry + geo information.
  19. An individual must also let people choose their anchor text.
  20. An individual must build relationships with SEO and marketing, in general.
  21. They must also break link building of their website.
  22. An individual must also get high quality links from the available document sharing sites.
  23. An individual must also get various backlinks from amazon.
  24. An individual must work on their infographics just to publish them on their blogs.
  25. An individual must also use various press release websites.
  26. They must also work on the area of guest blogging.
  27. An individual must also start relevant threads in forums and link to their blog posts.
  28. An individual must also link to their blog in their available forum signatures (i.e. only high quality forums).
  29. They must also make use of the discussion boards by just linking to their blog in threads.
  30. An individual must also answer questions in yahoo answers and cite their blog as the source.
  31. They must also submit their RSS feed to RSS directories.
  32. They should also release a free WordPress plugin and include a link to their blog in it.
  33. Most forums consist of a website review forum so that an individual can review their blog on these forums.
  34. An individual must render their services to top people in their niche.
  35. An individual must also submit their resume to resume directories.
  36. An individual must also write how to post as they tend to get more backlinks.
  37. They must also join several blogging contests and they will most probably get backlinks if they simply win.
  38. An individual must also provide lots of free downloads on their blogs.
  39. They must also write a great post that will include a lot of pictures in it. Let that post be of pictures only.
  40. An individual must also write a post that simply compares various companies and services and which serves to be the best, the best company will most likely get linked to it.
  41. An individual should write a list of the “top 10 myths” or “top 10 mistakes” about something.
  42. An individual must be transparent on their blog.
  43. An individual must create a podcast and then submit it to iTunes.
  44. They must also create several web apps and submit them to app directories like Producthunt.
  45. They must also run a contest for giving people physical products for free.
  46. An individual must position themselves as an authority in their niche and try to get attention from the media.
  47. They must also have a unique and attractive writing style that will help in attracting people.
  48. They must also create viral YouTube videos and include links to their blog in the video and its description.
  49. They must also do a big launch of their products.
  50. An individual must also make the news at any cost.
  51. They must also donate to various charity sites, as many of them will link back to their websites.

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