It’s difficult to swing a stick around the web without hitting a post that vows to show you “how to compose a viral post.” Most advertisers accept that a solitary bit of viral substance can assist them with accomplishing colossal outcomes over the informal organization and past. Yet, it’s not typically like that.
The reality of the situation is that there are numerous approaches to produce leads. In the event that you need 1,000 leads inside 24 hours to make your content or your video go viral in a specific time.
Here are 51 steps that may help you make your content go viral easily.
1. Using visuals to increase audience engagement– making sleek visuals directly helps you to increase the views of the audience to your video or to your content.
The first elements of your content highly matters to engage the audience. The initial visuals are the first impression that attracts the public to watch your content.
2. Combination of colours- as mentioned in our previous articles “how to improve youtube SEO” colours chosen by you for your content makes it a factor for increasing the audience engagement. Try using colours that make your content or your video pop up from the background. For example- using vibrant colours such as green, yellow blue in your youtube video makes it pop up from the typical youtube background with red, black and white colour.
3. Combination of font and colours- Other than picking a shading palette and a blend of textual styles that best imparts your message up to 60 percent of your site’s endorsement rating relies upon your shading plan it’s additionally imperative to separate content substantial substance with pictures, infographics, and recordings.
4. Always set a good cover image to your content- individuals share posts on Facebook with in any event one picture in the substance than those with no pictures.
5. Make your content infographic– too many texts may bore your costumes, clients and your audience. Make your content infographic as it makes it easier and more attractive for the audience to watch and understand your content.
6. Add more videos- it is believed that content with good videos gets more views than the content with images, texts and infographics. Videos are more practical and attractive where the audience does not really need to pressurely focus on the content rather they can understand everything easily that is being explained in the content.
7. Simplified content –  it is always important that the content should be easily understandable to the readers or the viewers, do not complicate the content created by you, keep in mind to use simple language and vocabulary.
8. Post with thumbnail images- once you have created the content it is the time to promote it on various social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc. while promoting your content make sure you add good and relevant thumbnail images as can be eye catchy and promoting your content well, increasing the audience engagement.
9. Interactive and personal content- Rather than just creating content with all the information you want to provide to your audience through videos, images and infographics try making your content interactive and that the audience should feel a personal connection watching your content. This makes your content dynamic and unique, increasing the audience views.
10. Advanced effects – Audiences always need something new, there can be several other contents with the same information and concepts but, adding special effects make your content different and special.  for making your content catchy and attractive you can use some advanced effects like parallax scrolling, interactive graphics and multimedia effects.
11. Use special tools – tools such as Story.AM, and visme can be used to edit and design your content by adding certain elements to your content such as text, multimedia elements, interactive infographics and images.
12. Fractal content – In the event that you add fractal content to your content, at that point you already have a formula for virality. Characterized as a client produced content that permits watchers to make their own viral substance utilizing your site, it can come as applications, for example, and Fatbooth.
13. Break down the information- For increasing the audience engagement or the virality of your content across the different social media accounts you must break down complex information or the concept into bits or into visual content.
14. Social media quizzes- you can conduct some social media quizzes for the audience to recognize the promotion of your content. This will help you to make the audience more curious to watch your content with more concentration. Social media quizzes basically act as an audience magnet for your content.
15. Choose longer pieces over short pieces – As a human mind tends to, the public or the audience believe the contents with longer pieces have more information than the content with short pieces. Contents with 3000 and above words are shared the most and contents with 1000 and less words are shared the least.
16. Prefer more lists in your content – if your content is a written content, it is suggested to prefer more lists in your content rather than using long paragraphs. Even if you are trying to keep your content as a long piece, anyhow it is not suggested to have long paragraphs as it gets boring for the readers. Adding lists or giving the information in points helps the reader to get the content in simplified and easier way.
17. Longfrom category- as mentioned in the above point, try making your content with longer pieces. By this, your content will be recognized in the longform category. Getting your content in the longform category you already have the key to get maximum views and more backlinks.
18. Target positivity –  The videos or any content evoking positive emotions such as happiness, laughter, amusement, joy, surprise etc. get shared the most as compared to the content with conspiracy and controversial topics.
19. Surprise your audience- create your content targeting the personal emotions of your audience by giving the theme and music that are totally new to them and they get to watch or read the content which are unexpected and creates a special connection with the audience.
20. Know your audience- for evoking the emotions it is very necessary for you to create your content by knowing the audience you are targeting. It is important to know the likes, dislikes, beliefs and requirements of your audience. Hence, know your audience well before and while creating your content.
21. Tone your content – While creating your where you need to keep in target audience you also need to remember it is necessary to create your video to the depth. Your content should an in-depth feature be it a short piece or long piece, tone your content well that it should entertain your audience.
22. Seek help from influencers – social media influencers acquire a large number of audience and followers on their social media profiles ( facebook, instagram, twitter) who can help you promote your content by sharing it on their stories and post with some promotional write ups or captions as required. This will have you get a huge explore for your content with a large audience engagement.
23. Add tags – while uploading your content on any platform you can also tag influencers with high follower social media profiles. This increases the probability of sharing your content with heavyweight viewers. You can also interview influencers with their comments about your content which you can later use as a promotional stuff for your content.
24. Good looking content- create contents that are useful to society. The term “good looking” does not always mean good visuals, colours, effects and fonts, rather, “good looking” content are those that carry motivation with them or thought provoking messages with them.
25. Identity building content- audience or the public tend to share only those content that make their identity look good as a sharer. As mentioned above, make sure you create those content that carry any motivation or some good message for the society. This will help you build the number of shares at different platforms such as youtube, instagram, facebook and even personal shares on platforms like whatsapp.
26. Content creating social connectivity – people in this digital era tend to share content socially or personally with their close friends and relatives in order to brighten their day, help them with some good advice or with some similar interest. Hence, create content that uplift thoughts of the audience.
27. Target topics – for uplifting your number of sharers, you should have the content that are prooking people’s everyday thoughts. For such a cause,create content that targets the type of your audience and the content that are useful, actionable or linked to any certain/specific cause or any specific group.
28. Let the audience know you as well – everything goes mutually, this statement here goes for a trust to be created between the audience and the content creator. While you observe and get to know about your audience, it is also the right of the audience to know you on the other hand. Hence, always let your personality show up along with your content.
29. How to build trust with the audience – creating trust with the audience is not an easy task, but once they get to know you, they will watch, view or read or content just with a belief that it is created by you. For this, always add a picture of yours including a bio telling the audience about yourself and why are you creating the content.
30. Do not fool the audience – At the point when individuals share content, they are really risking their own standing for all to see. So be mindful so as not to estrange gatherings or down talk minorities. Keep your content fair and original, make it sure your content does not add up any fake conspiracy in the society. This may later harm the audience engagement of your content.
31. Keep a check on the other content creators – it is necessary to know your competitors and their working styles. If you are a noob, you can observe and learn from the content creators with huge audience engagement. It will help you to know how to connect with the audience and how to maintain the trust between the two.
32. Check the viral content sites – The thoughts that you’re searching for are directly in front of you. Spare time and abstain from rehashing an already solved problem by examining viral content sites for thoughts that you can enhance or modify for your perusers, making them need to snap to tweet or to share on their informal organization locales.
33. “Know, like and trust”- keep these three keywords in your mind while creating your content. The audience or the viewers generally want to connect to the content with the topic they know or they want to know more about, or the topic they like and the topic or the content that involve the people they trust.
34. Interview the experts- for creating in-depth feature contents all you require is a thorough research about the topic. You must also interview the experts that are related to the topic you are covering. This makes your content with a strong base and a clear path for the audience to understand it easily.
35. Request to the audience – as a content creator, you must always bow down in front of your audience. This is a very common technique to please the viewers or the readers we have all seen. All you have to do is ask your audience to “like, share and subscribe” your content. This is the easiest technique to increase the number of shares of your content.
36. Do not go with stale content – stale content no longer goes to attract the audience, instead, try creating content that is fresh. You can take care about how fresh your content is by not relying on the old data available, you must look for the most recent and original surveys or data.
37. Go for your own surveys – as mentioned above, you need for a successful content rather than relying on research or data made by others, it is always advisable to use your own resources and get the original data by yourself.
38. Provide a catchy headline/title – headline or the title of your content is that element that can represent the moment of truth of a story. Thus, to ensure that your audience follow you from start to finish, discover a headline/title that will both provoke interest and persuade viewers regarding the need to continue perusing.
39. Involvement of numerical headlines – if you want more clicks on your content the best strategy you can follow for the same is adding numbers to the headline you gave to your content. This encourages more clicks and engagement of the audience. For example, if you title your content “7 easy steps to make smoothie” rather than “ smoothie recipe” it will have more impact on the clicks as the point “7 easy steps” in the title makes the recipe look easy to the viewers/readers.
40. Understand the eye-tracking concept – understand the concept of eye tracking, this will improve your change rate, since you’ll realize where to put CTAs like snap to tweet or share via web-based media accounts, and additionally promotions to amplify active visitor clicking percentage and profit.
41. Add social media share buttons – Any place you choose to put your social offer catches like your snap to tweet or your Facebook share on your blog, recollect that the objective is to make it as simple as feasible for clients to share your substance. Also, utilize the correct offer fastens that won’t cover with the post’s content.
42. Use content marketing tools – hard work is good but using content marketing tools make you superior to the content creators working without them. Using a content marketing tool you can double the traffic and generate more leads easily.
43. Get the right content marketing tool – if you have the correct tools to mechanize your cycles, you can invest more energy on the things that you appreciate, for example, organizing with others and talking at occasions, while your robotized frameworks deal with securing, sustaining and offering to client.
44. Leadbox- you can increase your email subscriptions by using leadbox. Leadbox basically is a non-disruptive email opt-in box that has an option of “content upgrade” which helps you to increase the email subscriptions for your content.
45. Linktrackr- This tool empowers you to return the science to advertising. With LinkTrackr, you’ll know precisely where your connections are, what is working and the number of snaps you’re getting, as your substance gets spread everywhere on the web.
46. Tumblr – Tumblr is a half breed stage that joins the intensity of content showcasing (e.g., publishing content to a blog) and person to person communication. It has a raging fanbase with an energy for sharing helpful content, particularly the sort that is clever, striking and positive.
You can put any sort of incredible content in Tumblr – text, photograph, interface, visit, sound, visual substance,
47. OpenLinkProfiler – This tool causes you to lead some  serious investigation. You can delve into a blog or website that normally creates viral traffic and discover precisely the number of connections the site page has produced and from which locales.
48. TrendSpottr – This tool keeps you refreshed on the most recent happenings around the web for a given point, catchphrase or industry.
49. Use sales funnel – using sales funnel helps you to generate traffic, generate leads, generate prospects, generate customers for the content created by you.
50. Measure the virality – you should always keep a check on the virality of your content. For instance, on the off chance that you run a Facebook advertisement, you must track clicks, impressions, transformation rate and different measurements. The equivalent can be said for your twitter account – you need to follow your snap to tweets.
51. Make connections – Start by associating by and by with different bloggers, content advertisers and web business people. You can’t generally do it without help from anyone else. You need the assistance of others.

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