51 High Earning Skills For Online Income

High Earning Income Skills are the skills that makes you earn a minimum annual six or seven-figure income. These are those skills that are directly related to what the market needs. Most of these are evergreen skills, which means- skills that will be handy for the rest of your life. You must realise that people who have high-income skills are positioning themselves a layer above than the rest.

So here’s the list of 51 High Income Skills :-

1.  Start Copywriting, involves writing emails, landing page copy and ads. With online business profits surging, a copywriter is the highest paying skilled job in the market.

2. Digital marketing consulting business provides end to end Internet marketing solutions. Consulting skills  make you an assured recurring active income.

3. If you are creative enough and technically sound, you can design and develop podcast shows and series for the corporate sector. There are brands which are looking for theways to connect with their prospective audiences by not being pushy with loud adverts and commercials.

Podcasting still is in its nascent stages, and you can rule over it by mastering the podcast creation skills.

4. The only high income skill in this list is with instant gratification. The feedback, appreciation and engagement you get with this skill is soul-satisfying.

5. Corporate with diverse industries and specifically the education sector globally are looking for  powerful speakers  to educate and inspire their workforce and students.

8. Build Chatbots. As it the easiest in the list of Skills you can master. Chatbots are part of a brand’s content strategy. Chatbots are also an effective way to engage with a well-curated community.

9. Learn the basic wire-framing and the blueprint to develop a conversational bot. This business can help you earn money more depending on the complexity of the bot.

10. A sales funnel expert is someone who is a master of analytics, optimization and conversion. Conversion refers to sales that’s mostly online.

11. You can figure opportunities to be hired in the B2B or B2C domain.

12. You can build a good internet consulting or service business around developing sales funnels. Every business needs strong sales systems.

13. Implement an effective marketing strategy around emails to boost the business.

14. Club skills  with copywriting and you are opening up yourself to a world of opportunities. With this High Income Skill you can create effective marketing campaigns for SAAS, FMCG, Health and Fitness and more booming industries.

15. If you are good at mentoring and teaching, it does not immediately qualify you as a coach or teacher.

16. A pro-level coach is someone who is empathetic, understanding and brings in life-transforming changes into peoples lives.

17. Right business coaching and mindset and skills training for them will help them balance out their undying passion for their business. It’s also easy for you to double up as public speaker and coach and mentor at scale.

18. This high income skill mostly relates to building dependable productivity systems for optimized working conditions. It involves research and analysis of work culture and its effects.

19. You will be designing customized working systems across departments for the workforce to work effectively. Your clients can be startups and large scale companies who are looking to diversify and scale.

20. Develop voice-based skills for Alexa for brands can earn money ranging from $8 – $10K per skill.

21. Maximise the potentional through Photography and videography. There is a huge opportunity in the corporate sector to capture the type of content.

22. The content is a daily vlog. It captures the essence of the entrepreneur and business.  Get involved in following clients documenting their day and chopping it up into an entertaining vlog format.

23. The meditation expert in the corporate, education and health sector is like a healer.

With the focus being on inner joy and overall wellness, mastering the art of meditation and mindfulness can pay off in the long run. Try promoting and teaching are customized and top-notch meditation programs designed to elevate core experience from within.

24. Webinars are still being used as an effective tool for prospecting, lead nurturing and sales. It’ll give you an idea of what potential being a webinar expert has.

25. Follow the investment journeys of people like Naval Ravikant, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Serhant, Warren Buffet to up your investing skills.

26. If you love social media, people and are good at digital marketing, learn to market online events.

The high-income skill of running your own online events or consulting for a needy company can help you to earn a lot of money every month.

27. If you have an idea and know to code, you are indispensable. All you need is your super coding cape and your vision to develop life-changing products and services.

28. The growth marketer can create internet marketing campaigns and generate quick results in increased consumer acquisition, awareness, and relevance among the target audience. Figure a lot of the popular growth hacking approaches to pivot various aspects of my online business.

29. You need to have knowledge in all the fields of digital and traditional marketing.

30. AI is a machine-based learning and robotics base tech are rapidly increasing. Built on strong networking. This High-income skill requires top-level troubleshooting skills clubbed with precise execution.

31. You can master your geeky skills and be of high value to a rising catalogue of startups in the AI, VR, AR, Machine learning, and Robotics domain.

32. When you work as a virtual assistant, you can choose to work as an employee or you can set up your own business. VAs are skilled, home-based professionals that offer companies, businesses and entrepreneurs administrative support. Some of the major areas of work includes making phone calls, email correspondence, Internet research, data entry, scheduling appointments, editing, writing, book keeping, marketing, blog management, proofreading, project management, graphic design, tech support etc.

33.You can work as a  customer success engineer. The job involves creative ways to work onboard for a client and retain them for as long as possible. This is a tough job, but if you’re a people’s person, this high income skill will make you bank account happy.

34. You need to have the right communication and outreach systems in place to keep the consumer hooked on your product or service.

35. Avoid jumping into this blindly just because the company is paying high. Craft your way into being an invaluable asset with your knowledge and results.

36. You can learn about high income skills from both free sources and paid sources online. Youtube videos, Udemy, Skillshare and blogs, training programs and courses by influencers will be a good place to start.

37. The key here is to find projects to implement and experiment with your high-income skill learnings. Initially, you can build, develop and work on your own side project to gain experience and momentum.

38. Data Analysis is one of the most lucrative skill. When we have big or large data, the service a data analyst is needed to interpret and analyze those data. Learn Data Analysis for Free edX, Coursera, Alison and Forbe.

39. As a high-ticket sales expert, you’ll be responsible for selling high-value products and services—those that cost five figures and above. 

These include things like

40. Become a blockchain developer.  Have a background in software development and computer science. With this background, you can enroll for courses in online learning platforms to improve your skills.

41.  Be responsible in helping clients visualize their sales process, measuring conversion success on each step of the funnel and help clients convert visitors to customers.

42. Become more reliant on technology, so does the risk of increasing cyber-attacks. Currently, it’s common to hear stories of hacked bank accounts, or instances of unscrupulous people gaining access to sensitive or private information.

43. With skills in cybersecurity, you’ll be responsible for:

44. Build a thriving business that solves problems, hire labor and create a brand, among other roles.

45. Focus on ensuring everyday products and services that are human centric. As a UX designer, your job entails making sure that products are easy to navigate and use. Such products include websites, Apps, and even everyday machinery like the coffee maker.

46. Become a cloud computing expert, you’ll first have to take a programming course. Specialize the need to learn project management and systems automation.

47.  Once you are ready to service the visitors with the relevant content, sign up for Google Adsense, which when appear on your website and clicked on by visitors, help you make money.  The more traffic you get on your website, the more will be the potential for higher earnings.

48.  Create your YouTube channel, upload videos and start monetising them. Choose a category or subject that you want to make videos on and get started, but make sure it’s a topic that will interest a lot of people. Everything from cooking shows to political debates can find many takers on YouTube. You have to create a YouTube channel, which works on a similar model as a blog. As you make your channel popular and the number of subscribers grows, you will  earn more potential.

49. Knowing a language other than English may even help you earn some extra money. There are several websites that offer translation projects that require translating a document from one language into another. This may include Spanish, French, Arab, German, or any other language to or from English.

50.  Online platforms can be a good starting point. Depending on the quality of the articles, one gets paid. One may be asked to work upon articles with specific guidelines as well. Develop a niche in your area of expertise and build strength in that domain to increase the revenue stream.

51.  Data line is the work that is seriously threatened by automation, there are still plenty of data entry jobs available in India. It is one the simplest jobs you can do online, and requires no special skills. You just have to have a computer, Internet connection, fast typing skills, and the ability to pay attention to detail

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